Coconut Lagoon in Kerala

The coconut lagoon is a holiday resort situated along the charming tides of Kerala. Although it is in the middle of rural settings, the appeal has all the comforts you get in a hotel in the city. You will be treated with all the luxurious comforts that you require on a holiday. Located at Kumarakom, a console Catita surrounded by the tides, this feature is an extravagant combination of class and comfort. You can choose your accommodation facilities of bungalows and houses in the field. Choose the one that meets your needs and matches your budget.

Vaastu Shastra, a science that treats the principles of architecture was consulted for the construction of this facility. The action is formed uniting the traditional tharawads that once existed in Kerala. These old buildings were taken apart from their original locations and rebuilt to appeal to its current form. The structure is now the reception area was original illom , a resident of the Brahmin who was built around two centuries back. Naalukettu illom model of reminds you of old farms. The large rooms, the excellent service and high standard of quality are some of the things you can look out for. The rooms come with huge appeal in open-roof bathrooms. The bathrooms are well known to give you the feeling of being in the intimate company of nature.

The coconut lagoon is a gourmet paradise. You can delight in the conventional cooking of Kerala that goes well with a rustic holiday. The multi-cuisine restaurant offers you an array of continental and Indian dishes. There is a well-stocked bar and an impressive center of Ayurveda. Not many things can enhance your holiday as a period of Ayurveda. A therapy of Ayurveda is an excellent way to Reliver the effort to cure disease and feel refreshed. Do not miss out on a cruise of the houseboat is a great way to explore the tides.

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Rejina Prashanth said...

Coconut Lagoon is a beautiful resort in kerala.I enjoyed staying there during my Kerala Tours

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