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The distance between chennai to ooty is 564KM. The route for chennai to ooty is Chennai - Dindivanam - ulundurpet - Aatur - Salem - Perundurai - Avinash - Mettupalayam - Kotagiri - Ooty. The loads of travel are not as expensive as Delhi or Bangalore.

The road from Chennai to Dindivanam is amazing. Smooth out any way. All the way until it is completely Aatur good. But beware after Aaatur to Salem. There are cauldrons that could swallow an entire bullet. All the way to Mettupalayam is good. The best part is Mettupalayam to Ooty (about 36kms from Ghats) that the road is excellent all the way posted above. The speeds can calculate the average upto 65 rises with the footpeg scraping. But this speed is only for those experienced in the mountains.

Watch out for the bar-bus traffic near Salem and Avinash. Don 'respect for the riders of t. Hit the mountains on the night. The view is amazing. Be sure to visit a place called Avalanche in Kodanad in Ooty and Kotagiri

Indian Tour Planners offer a package of popular tour of Ooty - Ooty package tour from Chennai to Ooty. Ooty is well connected by road and by rail to the state capital. Chennai is the fourth largest metropolitan city in the country. The tour highlights the beauty of Chennai with trips to the famous temples of Chennai, the ancient monuments, to art galleries, and other important places reminiscent of the British era. The package includes the tour of Ooty important places on the way from Chennai to Ooty. All the important places of ooty as botanical gardens, the waterfalls of Pykara the lake, etc. Dodabetta. most are covered extensively in the package holiday & vacation in Ooty Chennai.

Alcangue Mettupalayiam with Nilagiri (mountain blue) express and then take the train to Ooty. The train leaves from chennai chennai in 21 hours and alcanga the mettupalayiam at 06:15 hours on the following day. The train leaves for Ooty in hours of 07:10 and alcanga Ooty in the mid-12th.

The same train leaves Ooty in 15 hours and alcanga Mettupalayiam in times of 18:35 and the train to Chennai Mettupalayiam of hours of leave at 19:45.

But my experience of travel on the train was a hole to the core, unless you were with a group. To stay in Ooty, many hotels, but book well in advance something before you saa. If you want to book a taxi, then make it to the back of Coimbatore in Coimbatore. There are many tour operators that have the Web site. You can negotiate the fee and book the taxi for the duration of your stay in Ooty. Usually tour operators d it will be a package that includes the view that considers the stay of the hotel and a taxi dedicated to you. You can negotiate for a good amount.

Located in the mountain range called the Nilgiris ( blue mountains ), draws swarms of tourists each year. The weather is quite pleasant in an environment of 15-20 C around the year, dropping to the low point of 0 C during winter. The landscape is marked by Rolling Hills covered with dense vegetation, smaller hills and plateaus covered with tea gardens, and eucalyptus trees. Many parts of the mountains are preserved as natural reserve forests, and special licenses are required in camping sites noncamp. Ooty is not the destination itself, as is the focus of attraction. The car that tours the surrounding country side is certainly an obligation does. Unfortunately, the city of Mount suffer from overcrowding and erosion of natural resources. Tourism puts a huge strain on natural resources resulting in pollution, the scarcity of water and roads.

The mountainous region also houses smaller towns like Coonoor and Kotagiri. These smaller towns are a better choice to visit and spend time in, since they are outside the beaten path, yet less than 1 hour away from Ooty. Enjoy the same climate and natural prices are much cheaper.

You can opt for an ooty tour to enjoy this beautiful destination of charming hills and pleasant climate. Ooty is also a honeymooners paradise in south India.

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