Ayurvedic Garden in Delhi

According to the return of large Ayurveda and naturopathy, the Delhi government has decided to setup an herbal garden spreading from 40 acres in north Delhi. That is not all. For 120 different varieties of medicinal herbs that are available in the garden, the technical atamento is the name the most famous in Ayurveda - Ramdev nanny. The nanny Ramdev and his team are paid consultants for the design of crore of Rs 5, which is part of forest near the town of Garhi Mandú. On sale are plants and antidotes to the most common diseases. On the banks of Yamuna, Garhi Mandú is next to the bridge propose the signing of Wazirabad, down to be a major tourist attraction. According to the tourist-friendly nature of herbal garden will have an educational center and interpretation, which is being planned by the department of environment. Sales are expected to plant the garden financially self-sufficient. Medicines generally, because of Ayurvedic after we get the juices or the Ayurvedic garden is offering a fresh plant. Meanwhile, even as the banks of Yamuna through Garhi Mandú are green, the trees will be felled for the Wazirabad bridge.

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