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The short for Ootacamund or Ooty from Udhagamandalam is perhaps one of south India 'sa majority of the popular hill-station, situated in the Nilgiri hills at a height of 2240 mts. Spread out over a high plateau, Ooty is set between the Nilgiris or the Blue Mountains, covered with forests and green valleys, tea plantations, streams and mountains. Nilgiri The term came about because of blurring the blue hills appear to be involved in, and Ooty is one of the best places to experience this view. Apart from the tourism industry of the city of Mount prosperity also thrives in the industry of extraction of oil, first of its eucalyptus trees, and in another as the gramme, the geranium, the clove and camphor. The district in general, get their main income of the tea industry and a major annual festival of tea and tourism in Ooty is held each year.

Botanical gardens of Ooty

When you visit Ooty, the first thing you will be asked to visit is the botanical gardens. Once inside, be prepared for a very long walk. You may be able to recognize the tree out here where the famous songs for many Indian films were shot. It is an ideal place to relax in the lap of nature (never deal with the crowd).

The botanical garden is maintained by the horticulture department of the government of Tamil Nadu. A wide variety of exotic plants and decorative decorate the garden. There is also a beautiful Italian floral garden and for those who want to simply relax, there 's always the green carpet of well-kept lawns. Festivals Summer are held every year during the month of May in the botanical garden and are an added attraction for tourists. The flower show is the pride of the festival. The cultural programs are organized for those interested in traditional classical arts. Venture is also trekking points as part of the festival.

The garden is home to the charming flowers of various colors that are a delight to the eye. There is a separate section of the fern in the botanical gardens in Ooty where many Ferns and orchids. The vibrant roses, the imported shrubs and a host of other exotic plants and decorations that include thirty types of eucalyptus trees are part of the rich and original collection.

There is also a small tent where you get all (the tribe of the Nilgiris hill). Here, by selling the shawls embroidered All for tea, spices and the oils by the famous queen of hills.

Cairn Hills

It is located approximately 3 km on the road to the hill of the mountain's avalanche of rocks. It is one of the few surviving original walks. The road from the entrance to the account is flanked by cypress trees from dense. This is an excellent point for a picnic. There are many features of the mountain here. You can stay there and enjoy the picturesque surroundings, the vegetables and fresh air. Also a great place for photography.

Peak of Doddabetta

At a height of 2623 meters, the peak Dodabetta is the highest in the district. Located approximately 10 kilometers from the town of Ooty, is one of the views of the most prominent around the city. The upper maximum leftovers covered by mist most of the time but on a clear day, you can have a look at the landscape to the plains of Coimbatore and the Mysore plateau. It is surrounded by dense trees.

Public transport such as cars and bus-bars are not allowed here. Once you alcanga the top, you get an exciting view of Ooty and Conoor and also Mettupalyam. This peak was a witness to many shots of the film. Keep in mind that you should visit this peak on a day when the sky is clear that otherwise all you can see is mist. You can also grab many beautiful shots in your camera. You have to walk from your vehicle to the point of view and before you enter the view, you will be charged a fee of Rs. 2. Carreg enough warm clothes on a cold day, because the cold is freezing out there in the winters. Many rafrescamentos are available on this hill.

Museum of the Government

The government museum, Mysore road, Udhagamandalam has items of tribal objects, ecological details of the districts and representative sculptural arts and crafts of Tamil Nadu. Setup in 1989, with the purpose of providing benefits of education for the people to reside and visit the district of Nilgiris. Entry to this museum is free. The timing is 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. It is closed on Fridays, Saturdays in seconds and national holidays. The airport is the closest in Coimbatore (100-km).

Railroad of the Nilgiri Mountain

All the tourists that come visit or travel through the Ooty train. This train has an interesting story apart from the vintage that exudes charm. In the Nilgiris toy train connects Ooty to Mettupalyam the foot of the Nilgiris. The railroad, the blue and the cream of the heap of Nilgiri bus with wood and large windows are widely regarded as a marvel of engineering. The first train cooked out in the year 1899 and it boasts is the design and construction work by the Swiss locomotive. The train covers a distance of 46 kms from Ooty and Mettupalyam in four and one half hour. There are five stations between Mettupalyam and Coonor namely Kallas, Adderley, forest of the mountain, Runnymede and Kateri. This train is averaged at 10.4 km / h and is probably the slowest train in India. Let Mettupalyam at 7:45 A M. and alcanga Ooty by noon 12th

The train must reverse a short distance before climbing up the hills to Ooty. This is so that the locomotive is changed here with diesel traction, normal for all trains to Ooty. Consequently for in Conoor, another tourist destination. The toy train of the Nilgiris leaving the station this Coonor of 10:30 A M. of A M. the timing of 7:45 pm to 4:30 pm and 1:30 respectively. The ticket prices are Rs. 6 for adults and Rs. 4 for children in second class and Rs. 76 for adults in first class.

Takes him a hour 30 minutes to the station alcangar of Ooty which is a distance of 16 kilometers by road. The stations you see are Wellington, Aruvangadu, Kette and Lovedale. The journey is absolutely delicious and the children appreciate it more. There are many tunnels along the way and one is sure to hear the deafening shouts and whistles. If you enjoy taking pictures, keep your ready for photographic reproduction for some memorable shots of the valley, the plains and picturesque landscapes. The journey by train may seem painfully slow for people who are used to fast pace of today. But this is certainly an experience of a lifetime!

Ooty Lake and boat house

The Ooty Lake has emerged as one of the first attractions in Ooty in recent years. The lake and boat house were the main hub of entertainment for the large number of tourists who gather the whole of this beautiful hill station during the year and particularly in the summer months.

This is an artificial lake that is to their construction to the first collector of Ooty, John Sullivan. The original intention was to build a tank for irrigation but the lake was last dredged out in the years 1823-1825. The lake has an irregular L shape and stretch it to more than 2 kilometers in length. The width of the lake varies at regular intervals.

You have a variety to choose from as far as the sport of boat. There are motor boats, pedal boats and boats of the queuing. You need to pay a refundable deposit and get the tickets, after which you can enjoy the serene surroundings. There is a house boat on the far end of the lake. As of 8 'the clock in the morning to 6 ' wrist shot from the boat in the evening is available for rent in this house by boat. It is a beautiful sight as you take a tour of the boat, ignoring the station blurred the icy mountain waters. You also stain a park of deer as you mount over water. There is a restaurant next to this house by boat. The snacks and hot drinks are available here.

Ooty Tiger Hills

This is an picturesque, situated east of the town of Ooty, in the lap of the lowest peak Doddabetta. The tiger is a lot of money now a feature that is to house the field of English style. You can have a luxurious stay here in the lap of nature.

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