Ooty Flower Show - 2009

The famous ooty flower show is attracting large number of tourists from around the world. This is the 113th edition of the flower show organized in the Ooty Botanical Garden in Tamilnadu for the flower lovers. According to report an about one million flowers comprising of roses, daisies, lilies and different kinds of orchids are in the exhibition held in the queen of hill stations in india, Ooty. This is a three day flower show and has started on last Saturday is expected to be visited by over 5 lakhs people from around the world. The major attractions at the show are a 60 feet long aeroplane decorated with 8000 roses, a 50 feet huge car and a model train decorated with flowers. In the flower show in botanical garden there are rare varieties of flowers like various types orchids, the blue orchids, the green lilies etc.

For a travelers who loves flowers this is a great opportunity to find new types of flowers. According to some tourists they are really amazed by the range of different varieties of flower which are found in the botanical garden. The flowers in full bloom coupled with good weather are surely going to become an instant hit with the tourists, who throng the hill station this time to escape summer heat.

Not only locals and Indians, people who came to visit the flower festival from aborad are also pretty amazed by the variety of flowers which are on display. Most of the people have got the opinion that the flower show is colorful and amazing. India's annual flower production is about 1,000 tonnes. A large number of flowers meet the huge domestic demand while most of the cut flowers are sent to Amsterdam from where they are distributed to other European countries.

These type of flowers shows are being held in all part of the country especially in southern states like Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. The exhibitions like these flower shows are a great way to attract more tourists to the country and boost local and domestic tourism.

Here is a video on ooty flower show

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