Monsoon in India

There is one one in the world who does love to enjoy the rains. I would say that rainy season is the best time to enjoy the nature. During rainy season there will be more greenery all around and will be having a cool atmosphere. Each and every person will have a childhood memory association with the rainy season. But it is true that during rainy season there will be some rain associated mishaps in metros. If you want to enjoy the monsoon then you will have to got to villages in india and hill stations in india. I have traveled to several hill stations in india during monsoon season and i still love to visit those places during the rainy season.

As more and more people have started visit tourist destinations in india during monsoon season, several travel agents have come up various tour packages to lure the customers. If you are planning to visit india during monsoon season then first of all talk with the travel agent on how your can enjoy the monsoon in a particular place, how to travel in and around in a destination during rainy days, what all extra facilities are provided by the travel agent during the monsoon season etc.

If you are planning to visit kerala during monsoon season then reach in kerala during the month of karkidakam. The malayalam month of karkidakam falls in the month of june. During the month of karkidakam you can undergo ayurvedic treatments. It is recommended that ayurvedic treatments are most effective during monsoon season.

Provided below are two videos which depicts the beauty of Monsoon Season in India.

India Monsoon

Monsoon in Kerala

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