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Located on the tropical Malabar coast along the azure Arabian Sea, Kerala is one of most tourist destinations in India from Poplar. It is famous as the god 'the country has. It is known for its unique geography and rich culture & tradition. The unique cultural and geographical features make Kerala a perfect destination for the perfect holiday in India. It was described as one of the top ten paradise of the world. The compartment of the National Geographic Traveler named it as one of the 50 above to visit places of a lifetime.

Kerala is one of the states most beautiful and most charming of India. Its capital is Trivandrum. Trivandrum itself is a main destination in the state very popular with international tourists and domestic tourists. The beautiful state of Kerala has many amazing opportunities of tourism to its visitors. Stuck on tourism, the tide of tourism, tourism in the hill station, tourism of nature, wildlife tourism, the tours of the houseboat, the city 's of tourism, tourism in the heritage tourism eco , the monsoon tourism, medical tourism, etc. are key elements of tourism in Kerala. Each introduction of tourism in Kerala has its own appeal to tourists and charm to conduct tours in Kerala through the entire globe.

Planting spreading of the green hill stations of the cultural & historical monuments, the ancient temples, the climate, the colorful fairs & festivals, Exciting the beaches, the enchanting houseboats on scenic trips, hostile people, exotic wildlife, the waterfalls well the offices of the summer, the resources of Ayurvedic, the centers of the baths, the people friendly, etc team up with the tourists and have an original & final estimate for tourism for a living. In fact, Kerala, God 's own country, is a sanctuary of tourism experiences surprising.

Some of the above attractions in Kerala are:

Trivandrum - the capital of Kerala. It is very popular among tourists for its historical monuments & cultural temples, old, rich cultural heritage, stretching from the beaches and tide. All the above with the team and make Trivandrum a good tourist destination.

Kovalam - is one of the summer resort of the most famous in the world. It is the fate of the world famous beaches of Kerala with the three semicircular lovely beaches adjacent. The beaches here are ideal for activities and fun to swim in the sea. The activities are popular at Kovalam beach to swim, body massages, Ayurvedic treatment of, crossing, sunbathing, etc..

Alleppey - is a popular destination for beach and tide of the state. It is very famous for houseboat cruise in the scenic trips.

Munn - is one of the most famous stations of the mountains of India. The beautiful lakes, scenic landscapes, the tea-planting, climate, etc. Munn is a good tourist destination in Kerala. Due to the nature of the charm of the magnificent city of Munn is also very famous among Honeymooners and couples. Munn is described Kashmir as fond of south India.

Kolla - the destination is the famous trip to Kerala. It is the passage of the scenic trip to the south of the state. It is next to two beautiful lakes and two rivers enchanting. It is a main tourism destination in the state of the tide.

Wayanad - is very famous among the tourists who are touring Kerala. It is known for tourism and tourism in the mountain of wild animals. The scenic beauty and tradition of the areas tourists never fail to print.

In addition, there are several other places to visit in Kerala is known for tourism surprising. There are many tour packages to Kerala to find their wish that estimates tourism surprising. Well, the tour Kerala and explore the sanctuary to experience the end of tourism.

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