Kerala Tourism Surviving Economic Slowdown

The board of tourism in Kerala had announced recently that overall decrease is due to be focusing more on the domestic market of tourism to boost the tourism industry in Kerala.

Even the tourism industry take a hit overall, the crisis is not as bad as the scene outside. Infact, the tourism industry in Kerala shows growth of 16 percent compared to the previous year. However, the market as far as tourism, delayed even in Kerala. Kerala received foreign tourists coming into the UK, France, Germany and Sweden in the previous tourism.

To combat this decline, tourism in Kerala has come up with a strategy where tourism in Kerala will be focusing on the domestic market and also to focus on while the core markets to ensure that tourism in Kerala not losing out on international tourists.

Tourism in Kerala launched a special scheme, the ideal station, where consumers can expect big business and the value-cost packages for hotels by travel agents and tour operators.

To promote this holiday Season's dream of `a series of exhibitions of national road start in Bangalore, in Chennai, in Hyderabad, in Ahmedabad, in Surat, in Mumbai, in Nagpur, in Pune, in Kolkata and New Delhi, which are scheduled between March 17 and July 17

The rates of air and the room rates were also reduced. This will more destinations available. Also, under the plate of Kerala tourism, tourism in Kerala is that the hotels are either four-star or above so that the customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The tourism industry in Kerala is all set to receive more visitors during the ongoing economic withdrawal and during the off-season that first part of April and be there until the end of September. The initiatives taken by the tourism department of Kerala and other NGOs help Kerala to receive more visitors in the coming months and during the next season of tourism.

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