The Tourism Development Corporation of Pondicherry is aboiut to organise 'Kalanjiyam' to highlight heritage and culture of the location to the people. Kalanjiyam is an effort made by the tourism development corporation to keep alive those rural arts and dances and to safeguard them. More over Kalanjiyam is being organised to attract more vsiitors to the Chunnambaar Boat House. This program is being organised by Tourism Department of the Territorial Administration, along with the Puducherry Tourism Development Corporation.

As per the information from the from the Tourism Department, under the scheme rural art teams will perform programs, highlighting the culture and heritage of Puducherry at the Chunnambaar Boat House every Saturday and Sunday. The duration of the year-long program will be one hour and those who wish to watch the performances will have to pay a fee of Rs 50 to be one among the audience. The amount will include entry ticket, transportation charges and charges for refreshments.

I think the idea of Kalanjiyam is adopted from a similar kind of program organized by the department of kerala tourism named 'Utsavam'. Utsavam is being organized to safeguard those rural and rare performances and cultural programs in Kerala.

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