Indian Holiday Ideas

Corbett Elephant Safari & Tiger Tours in India

The National Park of Corbett is popular for it enchanting scenic beauty and extravagant number of tigers. The elephant safari in corbett is best for nature enthusiasts, wildlife lovers and those who see adventure in their travel. It will definitely be an extraordinary experience to have a mind blowing elephant safari tour.

Beach Tours India

Indian peninsula is featured with a number of serene beaches. For every on spending their holidays in the beaches is a dream come true. The fun and pleasure at seaside can not be expressed in words. Beaches in india especially goa and kovalam are visited by lots of people from india as well as from abroad. Almost all the beaches in india are having Hotels and resorts to provide their guests with a comfortable stay.

Desert Camel Safari

In some previous post i had discussed about various desert destinations in rajasthan. Rajasthan is land of kings and has got lots of places and other places which are must see destinations in one's lifetime. As rajasthan is state which has got lot of deserts area desert camel safari is a prominent travel package. It is very enjoyable ride to have on your india vacation. Rajasthan is visited by large no of tourists every year. The state provides a great accommodation to their guests.

Golden Triangle Tour

This is a tour which was introduced recently by the travel agents in india during the late 90's. This tour will help to visit destiantions like delhi, jaipur and a triangle route. This tour package showcases the history and culture of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

India Heritage Tour

India is a country which is rich in its cultural heritage. The heritage tour in india is being planned to introduce tourists to this rich cultural heritage of this vast country. The tour will take you to the magnificent forts, palaces and havelis of the subcontinent, which speak the stories of its great royal past.

Kerala Ayurveda Tour

Ayurveda is best practiced in kerala rather than in any other part of the country. Planning your Ayurveda tour to Kerala in order to know more about the science which is more than 5000 years old. Your Ayurveda tour will not only help you understand Ayurveda better but also Kerala in general. The tour will help you to understand the culture of Kerala. With the ayurveda tour you will be provided with rejuvenation or revitalisation packages along with yoga and meditation classes.

South India Tour

When compared to the northmen part of india south india is much beautiful with regard to natural and scenic beauty. South India Tours is the best way to visit the tourist destinations India. It includes the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and the Gods own country, Kerala. This tour package offers you a comprehensive tour of South India. It takes you to various historical, cultural and religious places of south India. India is a country with lots of exciting tourist places and list of different kinds of tours does not end here there are lots more. Consult your travel agent in india to find more interesting tours.

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