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Just like ever travel it will be a dream come true for the travelers. In order to experience and enjoy the destination to the fullest you should plan early and arrangements should be made. Just like every other destination your India Travel arrangements must be made well in advance, particularly if your are planning to travel travel during the high tourism season in India. The high tourism season starts from October and ends in march. Even though April-May months are not high season but it is summer vacation time in India so it might be difficult for your to find your accommodation, so plan your travel to India early during the above said months. During this time accommodation is limited relative to demand so prior bookings are a must.

In India you can talk in English in almost all tourist destinations. There are lots of people who can understand English. If you cant understand or speak in English then you can get government approved tour guides who can speak German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian or Russian. These guides help you with your sightseeing, but also help you better understand India in your own language. You can also arrange your tour guide with any travel agent in india.

With regard to the people of India, they are basically friendly and kind people. In tourist destinations people will definitely help you in finding things because tourism is their main source of income.

The tourists who are visiting india are advised to drink bottled water rather than water indigenous sources. Before buying bottled water from shop make sure that you are buying a branded one. Not only that please check the cap of the bottle whether it has been tampered with. Deluxe hotels located in tourist locations have filtering system.

Spicy food is one of the specialty in india. Where ever you go in india you will get spicy foods. But make sure that your keep away from eating spicy food all at a time after arriving in India. In a few days, your system will be used to Indian food, one of the most delicious of world cuisine. It is wise to stick to only cooked foods and eating fresh fruit while in india

Bring your medications, because all medicines in India are locally manufactured and it is hard to find the same brand in india. Even if you are in need of medication there are qualified doctors in and around who can can advise on substitutes.

Remember to remove your shoes when you visit a place of worship. Moreover, some temples do not allow us to all leather goods in their premises. Certain areas of temples are not open to non-Hindus. It is safe to travel in India, as you will discover for yourself. Even if you have trouble reading in any city or region, do not be discouraged, since most of India is safe at all times.

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