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Consider renting a car and a driver for his entire time in a specific region. It costs less than you expect, and offers more flexibility, comfort and ease. Hotels and travel agents available direct, locally advanced or organized the rest. The majority of local taxis can be hired for a day or more in a negotiated rate.

Think seriously the middle of several fixed-price, smaller hotels, and consider the residential upper end of range of cheap budget. These places are generally clean and reasonably comfortable, with a warm, family welcome, but far less expensive than the luxury hotel chain high.

The local tap water may be contaminated with organisms decausa, so it is wise not to take a chance that has o. Prevent frozen baby unless you know the ice is water safe. The mineral water in plastic bottles each of 1 or 2 liters are sold virtually everywhere for around Rs. 12-20 (U.S. 25 cents to 40 cents), but ensure that the seal is intact and not re-dressed.

However, plastic litter has become predominant in India, and a portable water purifier is a better alternative. (Note that you must have a component of the purifier to kill viruses, not just a filter). We currently use the Exstream Orinoco (around $ 40), one bottle of sports with a filter / purifier in 3 stages. It is easy, as you can only fill in all the tap and only to drink. Disadvantages: not much water do you have to squeeze a bit hard, and water has a taste of the chemical while.
Fully cooked the food should generally be safe for travelers, whether in restaurants that appear to be reasonably clean and in homes. To prevent consumption of tapeworm eggs and other hazards, the raw vegetable or fruit should be peeled or washed completely with potassium permanganate (not with tap water). When eating out, the best is probably prevent recommends salads, esverdeie the coriander (cilantro) decorating, and (because these dishes are usually cooked only slightly) to prevent the shredded cabbage and the carrot mixed in the food mein, and vegetable stir-fries. Also, the food is in the small streets and the tollways, there can be no way for the owner to make a work of pure washing articles such as plates, drinking glasses and eating utensils (just the clean with a dirty cloth is usual). The tea (chai) and coffee should be safe as is generally done with boiled water. For lunch or a snack that bears you: oranges, bananas, roasted peanuts, and packing biscuits
(cookies) is safe and widely available.

It is less common in India. The Western distribute more than most of the Indian middle class do. However, most of the people offering services you do not earn enough money and do not appreciate anything extra. In hotels: The arrangement is good hotels that provide the Overthrow the box for use at the end of your stay. The money is divided between all employees, even hidden. In a mid-price - hotel, Rs. 100 per day (a little over U.S. $ 2) are generous. More generally, you only drop when the services are private provided. Office of the boys or one quarter of the bag the hotel is an average Rs 10 in case of non-premium (about U.S. 20 cents). Taxi and rickshaw drivers: The tips are not generally anticipated, unless in places with many tourists, but you can give a little edge.

Employees of the restaurant table, if a service charge is added, drop is well chosen. In smaller places, without the least expensive service press, you can make some extra rupees. Porters of the train and the airport: Rs 10 is average. Car employee: Rs 75 per day to the driver to be generous.

Wash your clothes in your hotel sink or bucket in the bathroom. Take packets of soap powder or a vial sealed well of the concentrated liquid soap like Woolite H Basic or Shaklee, and a portable clothesline over the hooks at each end of rope around the bathroom.

India has many beggars, particularly in large cities and in major temples and places of pilgrimage. Offering the are a personal choice. Several beggars are truly needy. Some are holy men who renounce the world. Some are hoax artists. We want to give generously to certain non-profit spirit. We suggest that you say smilingly but firmly to the No.

For children who have the feathers, money or candy. Give only encourages the pursuit.
With the exception of government work Emporia, most traders anticipate to negotiate a price. Are far more professional in haggling than you are. However, support to have any idea that last price should be (you can ask around or visit the shop of the government of the fixed-price), and as the article from the article you value. You can start with around half the price of sale. License if you do not get the desired results, but remain courteous and good humored. You can find a final, much lower, it offers feel that the trader is losing a sale.

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