Major conferences, exhibitions small, the high-tech symposia, the summits of government and the list go on. India is the hub in the most rapid growth of mega events to global and national customers. The facilities and expertise of the new age in India are of international standard thus ensuring organizers, exhibitors and guests of possibilities Matchless.

Get a lowdown on the hottest destination for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.


Of the highest peaks in the Himalaya to the serene beaches of Goa, India is known for its beautiful places. India has wonderful views to the exercises or team building workshops incorporated. You can enjoy the magnificent scenery when you give to some serious business.

In a country as diverse and complex as India, it is not surprising to find that people here reflect the rich glories of the past, the culture, the geographical positions on the traditions and values and ways, the distinctive food habits and that many remain always truly Indian. All these factors add up to rich and vibrant culture of India.


The food in India is wide in variety, the taste and flavor. Being so diverse geographically, each region has its own cuisine and style of preparation. The Indian cuisine, famous for its exotic sauces seems complicated for any newcomer. The Mughlai cuisine of North differs sharply from the preparations of the south. The style of Wazwan of Kashmir is luxurious but the same can be said about Bengal 's Jhol Macher, Rajasthan ' s Dal Bati, Uttar Pradesh 's kebabs and Punjab ' Ka Sag Makki di Roti and Sarson of the s. In India, the proceeds are delivered down from generation to generation. So the next time you're in India you are assured of a wide selection on their menu.


India was always in the leading innovation. Indian companies to venture out into some new markets more there was sudden impulse of technological advances in every field possible. High-tech parks to centers of advanced exposure, India has it all. India Today swelling of several meeting places in different states that are well-equipped with the paraphernalia and skilled workers the latest.

Rajasthan real

Rajasthan desert in a magical land where everything is pretty exciting, impressive and fascinating. Its palaces and Haveli are unbeatable. It has something for almost every type of traveler. A visit to this wonderland will have a period lasting in mind. It is the perfect place to talk about the business when you enjoy your cup of coffee and local delights.


There is no better way to do business or talk mergers on various golfing a long session. And there no better place than India. In the Himalayan mountains and the immensity high in metropolitan cities and small towns, lakes and forests, or surrounded by properties of tea, out in the desert and in old British cantonment India have vast options to tee off. You could have its annual meeting of the workshop or the shops of serene places in India as you enjoy a competitive game of golf.

Land of Tigers

For all you lovers of nature and the animal India offers the perfect location for your meeting or workshops can be found. You could talk about his latest innovation or the status of the market when you try to tarnish the wonderful bark.

Float on a boat

The tides of Kerala are the biggest draw for tourists worldwide. The tides are the basis for a lifestyle different. Astonishingly, the waterways are used more often than roads. Vegetal, sellers of fish, waters doubles to sell off its assets. Explore God's own country - Kerala - floating through the houses, locally called `Kettuvallams the tide is hilarious and hard forget. The trip to Kerala is a beautiful place to meet another great one for your conferences or workshops . Float on a boat as you speak the business seriously and devours the food. If you plan your event anywhere between August-September to check out the boat races of the snake during the festival of Onamia.

Golden Sands

The world famous beaches of Goa are the highlights of the course in this state, making Goa the first destination of the beach vacation. the coastline of 100 kilometers in length gives an enthusiastic lover of the beach a chance to discover new places isolated from the beach daily. The thousands of sun-deprived tourists visit India because it incredibly has the most diverse varieties of beaches anywhere in the world. But you could even organize its annual workshop when you sip on your cocktail and laze on a beach chair.


Center of trade in Chennai

The center of trade in Chennai's young age plays host some of the exhibitions and conventions of the finest. The center supplies to various customers and clients from various industries.

The area of ground-floor of the convention center is 6,714 sq.mtrs that includes a multi-purpose hall of 1900 sq.mtrs, a stage of 500 sq.mtrs hall, 750 sq.mtrs, living room of the banquet of 269 sq.mtrs, rooms and business meeting. The people and the multiple purposes of canaccommodate 1500 hall can be divided in two equal half Foldable partition with proof of sound from the OFA help. This would oftOl of the land leased 1ventions of 750 people or even a little number in the main hall. Apart from the thergail 1 room for approximately six rooms of various capacities ranging from 25 sq.mtrs to135sq.mtrs which can accommodate are / conventions of different sizes. A provision of isatsoa for cutting food in an area of 320 sq.mtrs the first floor. In theentrance there is an open plaza of approximately 800 sq.mtrs uniquely designed with a landing. There are also rooms for the VIP / rest rooms and some rooms for the performers of the green stage.

Bangalore Trade Center

Located in a main area in Whitefield, the extensions of Bangalore, the Bangalore center of trade (TCB) on 50 acres with all 4 modules of 5,000 squares. mtrs. each lecture and exhibition of support services planned on becoming a way psta stage. The TCB is designed architecture is a complex and technically advanced modern display with all possible courtesies.

The facility is well-planned. In the first phase, a hall of 5,371 square. mtrs. setup with heights ranging from a minimum of 6 mtrs. to 9.5 mtrs. to facilitate the movement of all the goods including machinery. An additional area of 4,000 squares. mtrs. is available outside the hall along with the periphery of the Show In addition there is a conference room for 200 delegates and a living room of the VIP.

The TCB is located centrally at a distance of approximately 7 km. from Bangalore Airport and 25 kilometers. from the train station in the city of Bangalore. It is also within 15 miles. radius of the most prestigious five-star hotels in Bangalore. The center of commerce, Bangalore is controlled by the organization promoting the trade in Karnataka, a joint venture of ITPO and the development of the card industry of Karnataka (KIADB).

So the next time you plan to organize a mega event or all exhibitions opt for TCB.


The MMRDA mmoeu in complex Bandrés-KURLE, Mumbai, host of the games to some of the finest events and mega in India. The functions of the concession to the conventions of the film business, the land of MMRDA is well-equipped to meet various needs of the exhibition or conference. The infrastructure and paraphernalia are made and supplied to the global customer base.
Salt Lake Stadium

Colloquially referred to as its Yuva Bharat Krirangan. And, come alive during the football harmony between local favorite of the crowd as the East Bengal, Mohun Bagan club and bearing Muslim. The stadium was built in 1984 and holds 120,000 people in a setting with three levels. Apart from the fun and games at the stage that supplies the various trade fairs, conventions, exhibitions and conferences.

Pragati Maidan

Founded in 1982 on the eve of Asian Games, the Pragati Maidan played host to the thousands of events. The festivals, trade fairs, conventions and exhibitions held in Pragati Maidan lead to industrial collaborations to global alliances and joint ventures on a large scale. Divided into smaller buildings and compounds of the Pragati Maidan hosts plethora of national and international exhibitions of all kinds.

This complex of exposure to Pragati Maidan, unique of its kind in India, has 18 halls, 22 permanent pavilions, covered an area of 130,000 square meters and an open area of 180,000 square meters. Your showroom in scientifically designed, complete with a network of infrastructural facilities in a setting green lust makes him the automatic choice of exhibition organizers from India and abroad. The fair complex offers excellent infrastructure which includes the auditorium and conference room with air conditioning, a living room of the press, an information center of business, restaurants, banks, post office station, etc..

Some of the famous events are held in Pragati Maidan trade fair of the international book fair in India and the world. When Pragati Maidan Nehru visited the flag of the flag of the defense, the flag of Indira, son of the flag of India and the complex of the town, it brings out a beautiful presentation of diverse India.

Center of exposure of HITEX

The southern Indian city of Hyderabad is rushing is the perfect place for your exhibition, conference or workshop follows. And, all in one place is the center of exposure of HITEX. The central exhibition of HITEX unfolds tremendous opportunities for the international players converge in this dynamic destination and explore some more new dimensions to establish partnerships and to take the business risk the greater heights. It became strategically in Madhapur - the hub of the emerging business and technology. The place to meet new exhibition of the age is set to open exciting opportunities in the global arena. This magnificent facility spread over nearly 100 acres is the attraction of Hyderabad, a city of the star that was already sought after destination.

The most choicest of luxury hotels are located within 10 miles of the center level of exposure of HITEX. 5 shows the exposure with infrastructural facilities like, building a well-equipped conference with the conference rooms and a multi-cuisine restaurant of the edge of the lake with tables for nearly 180 guests are in the pipeline.The center of the new age is all you need for your next event.

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