Tourists rushing to Manali

For people in south india when summer strikes hard they used to escape to hill destinations like ooty, cooryg, wyanad, munnar , kodaikanal etc. With regard to people in north india people travel to shimla, manali, nainital and jammu kashmir to get rid of the unsympathetic summer heat. As this years summer has reached early people have started travelling to hill stations especially to manali. The recent days has witnessed the rush of foreign and domestic tourists in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

As i have already mentioned Manali in Himachal Pradesh is a prominent summer destination for people from north india to escape from the summer heat. The peculiarity of hill stations like manali and shimla is that these destinations receive visitors during summer as well as winter. During winter people rush to manali to enjoy the winter snow fall and to enjoy the winter sports like skiing, mountain biking, snow scooter riding, paragliding and other adventure sports along with the picturesque beauty of Himalayan region and snow clad mountains.

After the winter rush in manali in the last season from november to january people have started going to manali as the summer heat has struck early. It is a fact that the tourism industry across the world is experiencing losses due to the current economic recession, the hotels and resort in manali have to say a different story. They are claiming that they haven't felt the currently on going economic recession. According to the travel agents the number of tourists have increased as the summer season has started a bit early. Not only that there were holidays in the past weeks. The travel agents are saying that there is definitely an increase in domestic as well as international tourists in Kullu Manali valley.

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