Indian Hotels Reducing Room Rates

If you are planning holidays in India, you will get the bang for their braggadocio. After a big drop in occupancy levels of the major hotel chains in the country through the room tariffs are reduced by 25% to 30%. The hotels in all the meters were only approximately 35% of the occupancy of 40% last quarter and pushed yields to decline from current five-star hotel to reduce the cost of their packages of summer. Until now, the records of the summer recreation for five-star hotels are 15% to 20% lower compared to last year.

The trend of not people opting to travel and stay in hotels and resorts due to economic recession is forcing the hospitality industry to drop charges. But the impact of economic decline and the recent incidents are visible to the occupation that comes down and he hit earnings in the second quarter of 2009. In the segment of the star category hotel, 3,000 rooms were expected to be open market for first six months of 2009, but only 1,000 of these will actually above.

According to reports the average occupancy rate of hotels dropped to 58% against to 78% in January 2008, when the average rent of the room came down by 14%. The current trend is that the hotels can not get the desired level of occupancy without reducing their tariffs.

Yet hotels are continuing to provide the client with exceptional value in terms of products and services in the summer. The special packages for short or long holidays are available at all the luxury hotels in India. The special attention was given to families that holidaying with children.

Many in the industry feel that another reason for the level of occupancy is coming down the companies to cut their budgets to address the ongoing decline in business. Some large companies are even known to have rented out plans in many cities to control their costs of hotel. The dip in hotels rates will be visible till the economy revamps. I would suggest that this is the best time if you want to stay in luxury hotels at a reduced rates. Many hotels in India have come up exceptional tour packages to lure the customers. Some hotels have provided special discounts for those family travelers.

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