India Weekend Holidays

Which is the best leisure travel in India during the recent past. It is the week end holidays or the short holidays has become the most opted travel package by Indians in the past several weeks. One of the main reason for this is that 2009 is having long week ends when compare to 2008 and 2007 as much 14. People who are having hectic schedule in the corporate world and Double Income No Kids partners are choosing weekend holidays than others. On of the interesting thing is that these people are choosing domestic tour packages rather than international destinations. According to tour operators the response to weekend packages is encouraging and positive as travelers take advantage low cost and last minute deals. Not only that prices of travel packages have come down by 15-20%.

To beat the summer heat, more and more people are heading to hill stations such as Mount Abu, Manali, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Shimla and Coorg. Even the number of people traveling to international destinations is comparatively less, most of the people are choosing destinations in coutries like Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Dubai for a weekend exhilarating celebrations.

Weekend holiday as a concept is getting more response from the travelers. It caters to those who don't have time to take a longer holiday and also to those who believe that a short break is good enough. According to those who are going for a weekend break it is a short cut to beat stress in the corporate world. Those who are planning a weekend tour prefers those destinations which are 5 to 6 hours from their home and take advantage of discounts and special offers in airfares and hotel/resort room rates while planning their short weekend holidays.

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