India Tourism Prospects

It is expected that india tourism industry will be generating a revenue of $42.8 billion by 2017, a 42 percent surge from 2007. This report was given by a major market reserch firm. Even thought india is facing challenges with regard to economic slowdaon and security concerns, the tourism industry in india is sustaining and developments in the sector is taking place at a faster pace. Despite some short to medicum term set backs, there is good prospects in the long run. As international hotel chains are aware of this fact they are rushing in to india with new projects and developments in the toruism sector. According to reports there are 73,793 hotel rooms in the pipeline of which 11,207 were due to open in 2009 and 22,522 in 2010.

It is a fact that more domestic travellers are roming around the country when compare to foreign travellers and it is expected that both the number of domestic travellers and foreign travelellers will raise in the years to come. Medical tourism was poised for rapid development in the future and India is busy developing first-class facilities to attract this multi-billion dollar niche market. The government has aof india has already started making necessary move to receive a visa for medical tourism. The government is also planning to offer other incentives like offering air travel and accommodation for foreign tourists who visit India for more than two times.

Tourist arrivals in the country slowed throughout 2008, after rising 13 percent year-on-year from 2005-2007, due to a slowdown in the main source markets for India, the U.S. and U.K., which account for more than 15 percent of all inbound tourists.

It is expected that good prospects are awaiting india tourism despite terror attacks, economic slowdown and rise in tariff for air travel and hotel.

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