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You run the Prakrista Brahma Yajna here and that is how Allahabad Prayag received his known former. The city is located 135 kilometers west of Varanasi, the influx of India 's of the two most important rivers - the Ganges and Yamuna. Allahabad attracts millions of pilgrims each year to the influx of these rivers where they come from bathing and wash away their sins. You could opt for some of the pilgrims in several places that supply the various Allahabad faith. The city plays host to some of the finest places of Hindu pilgrims as:

Kumbha Mela

Performed while in other parts of India, the Kumbha Mela at Allahabad is the most auspicious and revered. Held every 12 years where the Mela selects approximately 15 million people from all parts of India and the globe. A huge temporary city is created for the millions of pilgrims who come to the days of the most auspicious bathing. Kumbha-Mela is like the convention of iogue , where iogues, sadhus (Saint), holy people, and pilgrims come from all over India take a dip in holy waters. The babysitters are the famous Naga are dancing with excitement completely naked. In the days of the most auspicious bathing is a big parade, and the order of bath is very strictly observed. The Amavasya (new moon day) is considered one of the days of the most auspicious bathing. So the next time you visit India visit the Kumbha Mela to wash away their sins and to witness an even greater collection of the first Woodstock!

If you can 'to do for the main event that you could ever meet the Ardha-Mela (half Mela), held every 6 years, which draws about 7 million people.

Temple of Hanuman

Now here is where Hanuman strikes an original but a perfect pose. Here Hanuman is in a posture of reclinação, some feet below the earth, instead of their usual upright posture. The best part is when the annual floods alcangam upto your feet and then silently lean back. Visit the Hanuman temple to see recline at ease.

Allahabad when you could even visit the Ashram of Bharadwaj (mentioned in Ramyana) and the Sri Rupa Gaudiya Math as one of the finest places of Hindu pilgrimage in India.

Amarnath Yatra

This cave was chosen by the wonderful Mr Shiva narrating the secrets of immortality and the creation of the universe to the goddess Parvati (his wife). In the cave is the mystical Shiva Lingam which is said to have miraculous powers. The image of Shiva in the form of a Lingam, is given as a course of stalagmites of ice, which closed and wanes with the moon 'cycle s. When Shiva Lingam reaches its maximum height millions of pilgrims gather the false church of the various parts of the globe. The cave is about 150 feet tall and 90 feet in length. Inside the cave there are four or five ice formations that resemble the figures of different gods. Scheduled between July and August although the dates vary each year that belongs to the weather conditions and according to Buddha Purnima in the month of Shravan.

Getting there: Amarnath is 145 km east of Srinagar in Kashmir and can be reached by daily flights to Delhi and Srinagar. And if you feel adventurous you could take the train to Delhi from Jammu to Kolkata or Mumbai. You could even hit the road with the bus-bars to Delhi (14 hours) to Amritsar (5 hours), and Pathankot (3 hours).


There are several sacred shrines in heaven, on earth and in hell, but there is no shrine like Badrinath. - Skandia Purana

Several venerated the point of pilgrimage sites in the mountains and the peaks of the Himalaya, but the most remarkable is Badrinath. The temple of Shri Badrinathji on the banks of the river Alaknanda date of Vedic times. Built by 8os distinguished philosopher and Saint of the century, the TDI guru Shankaracharya, the temple is situated at a height of 3133 meters. Also known as Vishal Badri , Badrinath is one of the most revered in Dham circuit of coal feed. Doors colorful welcome to give it at the beginning and links you through the various statutes of Hindu gods. But the main attraction is a black stone image of a meter high of Vishnu, as Lord Badri Narayan. The statue describes Vishnu who sits in meditative posture, rather than their possession of reclinação far more typical. The best time to visit Badrinath is held between June and September. And don 't forget the warm clothing acrry.

The airport glad to Grant near Dehra Dun (317 km from Badrinath) is the best way to get here. Or you could board a train to Rishikesh (297 km) and Kotdwar (327 km).


With the 500 in-and-temples around Bhubaneswar has the proud sobriquet of the temple city of India . These temples epitomise a detailed history of Orissan style of the architecture of the temple. Orissa 's the capital ' s the story goes back about 2000 years. At the same time, the Bindu Sagar tank had over 7000 temples around it. Of these, 500 still survive, all built in the flamboyant style of Orissan. The temples of Lingaraj of Rajarani of Mukteswar of Brahmeswar and Parasurameswar are some of the finest specimens of architecture of the temple of Orissa.

Getting there: Bhubaneswar conneted well by air, by rail and by road to various towns and cities in India. If you are coming by air, there are regular flights of Indian Airlines that connect major cities of Bhubaneswar and India.


The southern state of Tamil Nadu is referred to as the cradle of Dravidian culture, an ancient culture distinguished by unique languages and customs. It is a bastion of Hinduism in its most vigorous, with the last stand in this. And the temple of Chidambaram is the perfect example. Between two rivers in configurations temple complex of some 40 acres the temple of Chidambaram, one of the oldest temples, magnificent and most of south India. Natraja Shiva (the dance of Shiva) is in the pose of the cosmic dance of the golden shrine in Sanctorum. Flanked the temple 108 is sculptured illustrations of Bharat Natya Shashtra. The Chitsabha, the most holy shrine in the temple is a wooden structure supported with wooden columns, with a roof formed hut. This room is that the images of Nataraja and Sivakami is sheltered. Nothing appeals more than the four gopurams or high towers in the four cardinal directions. Each is a masterpiece itself huge - approximately 250 feet in height, with seven series. Respresentações of the 108 poses of classical Bharata Natya, Hindu mythological images and varied manifestations of Shiva decorate the gopurams. You could choose the six departments of the worship offered in the temple.

Getting there: The city of the temple has several modern lodging facilities and is well connected with Chennai by a host of train and bus services. The road is only 235 kilometers south of Chennai.


This ancient sacred city on the edge of the peninsula of Saurashtra was once the capital of Lord Krishna empire of the s. The city gets its name from the Sanskrit word dwar , which translates to the door. You can find references of this splendid city in the Mahabharata, in Harivansha in Bhagavatam Purana in Skandia Purana and the Vishnu Purana. Apart from being a hub of pilgrimage, the city has to be a center of archaeologists attraction throughout. The main attraction is the temple of Dwarkadhish which is linked to water main dhams along with Badrinath, Puri, Rameshwaram. The existing temple is a structure built in the XVI 1ö/século style of Chalukya.

Getting there: Jamnagar (145 km away) is the nearest airport. You could register for tickets at the train Western Railway line. Indicates the bus-bars of the carriage, bus-bars confidential and taxis and conducted tours run to Dwarka.


Flow down the Gangotri glacier in the Himalaya mountains in the Ganga is the most holy of all rivers. Said that as the Ganges, the river is held constant in the consideration by the Hindus. The Gangotri glacier is the source of the Bhagirathi, which joins with Alaknanda (origins next), to form Ganga at the craggy city, throat-chiselled from Devprayag.


Located in the town of Guruvayur in Trissur district of Kerala in the amazing temple of Guruvayur Shri Krishna paid tribute to the MahaVishnu. The 5000 year-old temple was built by the divine architect Vishwakarma and the idol is made of a rare stone known as Patala Anjana. The temple shot to fame in the sixteenth century. The temple is the perfect example of the temple architecture of Kerala. It is constructed in such a manner that Surya (Sun) himself pays obeisance to Vishnu on the day of Vishu. You can see the idol of the main entrance.


Mayapur as mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures, Haridwar is the revered temples in India. The millions Haridwar meet with wishes, prayers and songs from various parts of the globe. Haridwar is the point where the immortal nectar fell when Kumba was born into a famous after stirring the oceans. And it gives all the Hindus enough reason to take a holy dip to attain salvation from their sins of birth. When you are in Haridwar don 't forget to answer the dusk arathi performed at Hari-Ki-pair. 'A spectacular view of SA's completely sound and color as the pilgrims float diyas on the Ganges, to commemorate their deceased ancestors. The city is the passage of three other important destinations of pilgrimage: Rishikesh, Badrinath and Kedarnath. This is the second - the most holy place of pilgrimage after the Varanasi for Hindus all over the globe. Haridwar is the site of the Kumbh Mela, humanity 'the festival of the largest s.

Getting there: Haridwar is about 200 kms from Delhi. You can take a plan of Dehra Dun 's airport glad to Grant. Although you could board a Rajdhani or a Shatabdi from Delhi (4-5 hours) and Dehra Dun (1 hour), the bus-bars are faster and more frequent.


The city of Kanchipuram, 64 kms from the temple of Chennai, was the former capital of Pallas. Famous as a city of 1,000 temples, still has 124 shrines. He 'so perfect ostentation of Tamil Nadu ' architecture of the magnificent temple of s. The first temple, dedicated to Shiva, and was built in the 8th century and has paintings on the walls. The temples of Ekambaswara of Kailasanatha of Sri Kamakshi and Varadarajaswamy are also of interest. Kanchipuram, also called Kanjeevaram, is also famous for its silks. The city is situated around 70 kilometers from Chennai in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Temple of Kamakshi Amman

Outside the three main cities where the Goddess Shakti is worshiped, the temple of Kamakshi Amman is the press. The Kamakshi Amman temple is the hub of all religious activities in Kanchipuram. Visit the gallery of pictures featuring the art that describe the history of Sri Adishankaracharya and the Shankar Mutt.

Temple of Kailashanathar

This is the first of the Pallas 's contribution to the rich architecture of the temple of Tamil Nadu. The temple of Lord Shiva is the oldest structure in Kanchipuram. Of all the temples in India, no other building was designed so filled with all 64 aspects of Lord Shiva. The festival of Shivaratri the yearbook attracts large crowds.

Temple of Ekambareshwar

This is the largest of it all. 12:14 hectare measured on the temple of the sixteenth century is a contribution of the empire of Vijayanagar Empire.

Temple of Varadaraja

This hub of Vaishnavite is the most celebrated. Located in Vishnu or Kancho Kancho small temple houses a magnificent statue of Varadaraja Perumal in a standing posture. The temple of Varadaraja with great art has a magnificent history that is associated with Sri Ramanuja.

Getting there: A flight to Chennai is the finest option. Or you could take a train from Chennai to Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu of in Tirupati, and Bangalore. The road-tours could reach Kanchipuram from Chennai, which is 75 kms away.


It is set between the impressive mountainscape of Garhwal Himalayasthe the holy temple of Kedarnath is the head of the Mandakini river. Kedar is another name of Lord Shiva. The Lingam at Kedarnath, unlike its usual form, is pyramidal and is considered one of the 12 jyotirlings. As for rituals of pilgrims first visit Yamunotri and Gangotri in which carries the holy water to offer to Mr abhishekams. If you happen to be in Haridwar in June visit the Badri Kedar festival, held in the sacred shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath the festival over eight days acts as a platform for great artists of the country.

Getting there: Kedarnath is 239 km from Dehra Dun to the first 225 kms. is by 14 kilometers by road and remain a trekking route. Rishikesh train station is the closest, 221 km from Kedarnath. You get on a pony or porters in the rental Gaurikund, where the tour in the mountains, 14 km to Kedarnath starts.


The southern Indian city the oldest has a lot to offer. To be the cultural center for Tamilians to the city of Temple, Madurai has many faces. But the temple of Meenakshi is what attracts millions to this land of harmony. The gopurams the temples, raising it high above the surrounding countryside, is dedicated to Parvati, Lord Shiva's associated. Each tower encrusted with more than a thousand sculptures painted bright that describe a variety of mythological and auspicious themes. The only hitch is that the limitation of non-Hindus in domestic shrines of the temple. The complex itself is a splendid example of the architectural language of south Indian Drava.

When in Madurai also visit the palace of Tirumala Nayak, a gracious building in the style of Indo-saracenic, famous for Stuccowork in their vaults and arches, and lots of flooding, and the rock temple of Tirupara Kundran.

Getting there: There are daily flights to and from Tiruchirapalli, in Chennai and Bangalore. There are connections from the train from Chennai to Madurai, which takes eight hours via Trichy and from Rameshwaram, takes six hours. If you close Madurai from Kerala, some spectacular scenes of the Western Ghats can be seen.


Mahabalipuram is famous for its 'seven pagodas - a group of ancient rock temples in bruted seashore. They are an excellent example of Dravidian style of architecture. Mahabalipuram is a very good example of a city of the temple, where a multi preached that society steeped in faith and grow social harmony developed within the vicinity of the temple.

Getting there: Chennai (58-km) is the closest airport to end domestic and international. When the train stations, the closest are Chengalpattu (29-km) and Chennai (58-km). You could even pick up a bar-bus of Pondicherry, in Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Chennai to directly to Mahabalipuram daily.


The holy city in Uttar Pradesh is of Hindu pilgrims every fantasy. Known as Brajbhoomi, Mathura is the place of birth of Krishna. The city on the banks of the river Yamuna in t oday is the small towns and village which are still alive with the Krishna legend and still redolent with the music of his flute. This beautiful city has a plethora of beautiful temples dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Once you are done with all the temples you could visit the museum of Mathura which has the largest collection of sculptures of Redstone in Asia, depicting many famous figurines of Buddha. For now here is a point low down in the temples that you could see in Mathura:

Krishna Balrama Order
Established in 1975 by Swami Prabhupada, founder-Acharya of the International Society for Krishna consciousness of (ISKON), the temple is Vrindavan 'are more popular. The Krishna devotees from round the world to meet this temple throughout the year. The foreign devotees bring a truly international flavor to this ancient holy city.

Temple of Radha-Madan Mohan

This famous temple was established by Srila Sanatana Gosvami and was the first temple to be built in Vrindavana, at the time it was just a forest. The original deity of Madan Mohan, was taken to Karauli in Rajasthan for safety during the attack in Vrindavana by fanatical Muslim soldiers of the emperor, Aurangzeb.

Temple of Dwarkadish

The temple of Dwarkadish, built in 1814, is a popular temple in the city center. This is the most visited temple in the city center. This is the most visited temple in Mathura. The followers of this temple Vallabhacarya control. Once you enter this temple from the street, is reasonably interesting architecture and there is much activity inside. It is located in the eastern part of Mathura, not far from the river Yamuna.

The other temples you could visit when in Mathura are the temple of Jaipur, the temple of Banke-Bihari, the Radha Vallabha, the Temple Seva Kunja, the temple of Radha Damodara, Radharamana of the temple, temple of ugal J Kishore, Kesi Ghata, and temple of Rangji.

Getting there: The airport is the closest Khera, Agra (62 km) or airport of Delhi (155 km). Mathura is on the main lines of roads in central and western iron and is connected with all major cities of the state and country such as Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Jaipur, Gwalior, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, etc.. Mathura is connected to all major cities, historical or religious, through the national roads. It is linked by regular bus services of the state of Uttar Pradesh, in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana for.


Washed by the sea and embraced by causarina-fringed beaches, Puri is the most holy place in Orissa and one of the greatest centers of pilgrimage in India located in the coastline of the Bay of Bengal. Here, the city 's activities in revolver usually around the temple of Jagannath where devotees visit the remote and near. It is said that one obtains moksha cycle of birth and rebirth, if one stays here for three days and nights. The majority of nights, the beaches and the host city is colorful markets bustle with life. He 's probably one of very few religious sites which combines the outdoor pleasures of sea and divine beaches with the religious feelings of darshan . Puri happens if you visit in June you can witness the massive YATRA Rath as the city's pride in a pompous show. You can even visit the Gundicha warrant (temple) and Satyabadi (Sakshigopal) in Mathura.

The best way to move in-and-around is in a cycle rickshaw that is the most popular mode of travel within Puri.

Getting there: The airport is the closest Bhubaneshwar (65 kms). You can get to Puri by rail to other cities in Orissa and the country that includes Bhubaneshwar and Calcutta.


It is said that when you passed this point Brahma dropped a lotus flower. The points where the petals fell, the water jumped out and the lakes were given form. This is like Pushkar be entered. The pulsing beats of vivid images of the Sacred Brahma land, Pushkar brings alive the rich tradition of Rajasthan which emphasizes the glory of golden sand. The spectacular fair ground in the month of Kartik with bedecked Camels, decorated cattle, adventure is ended, exciting events, push the rustic crowd, meditating sadhus, holy dip, vivid stalls, exotic desert, so typical fair, colorful, so obvious, not can be nothing else but Pushkar fair.

Getting there: The nearest airport is the 131 kilometers away in Jaipur. And the train station is the closest Ajmer (10 km) with trains to Jaipur, the Delhi, the Udaipur and Ahmedabad.


The console of Rameshwaram, spread out over 56 kilometers of sand dunes of delicate, embellished with the casuarina trees and palms austere, is a sacred place for Hindus since according to Ramayana, this is the place where Rama loved the Lord Shiva to absolve the sin of killing Ravan. A dip in the sacred waters of Agnitheertham, which was calmed by Rama, is a must for Hindus.


The association of five distinct sections - the city, the village and establishments - on both sides of the river Ganges is what makes Rishikesh.

Hrishikesh - the commercial hub
Muni-ki-Reti - spreading the suburb also known as sands of the wise
Shivananda Nagar - the home of Sivananda Ashram and the Divine Life Society founded by Swami Sivananda
Lakshman Jhula - that builds a bridge over the vacuum between the temple and its devotees
Of Swarg Ashram - the assorted Ashrams on the east bank

The Ganga Arata performed at dusk in the Triveni Ghat is a spectacular view and sees an obligation.


Muslims and Hindus meet this target to get a false glance of the massive statue of Sai nanny. With over 5,000 devotees who line to get a darshan of the magnificent statue is believed to be miraculous. There were a few thousand stories about the divine healing of illness without the help of modern science and the other myths that have led to the millions that go all the way to Shirdi. In h is the life and teachings that sought to embrace and reconcile faith - Hindus and Muslims.

The nanny of the vast temple in Shirdi Sai is well-maintained by its trustees. The small town has good hotels and accommodations available at affordable rates and is well-connected by road to Mumbai, Pune and the other places. You could even sit in for a session of the service of food, which is completely free of cost. Thursday 's are where the nanny of Sai get the whole day with their devotees. Could be a long wait if you plan to visit the temple on a Thursday.

Getting there: You can take a bus-bar from Mumbai or Pune. It is a walk straight for 6 hours by road from Mumbai. The nearest airport is the Mumbai.

Sabri Mala

You will see a sudden impulse of men clad, black wire in different parts of India, be it Mumbai or Madurai. Don 't worry that we are not talking about any religion. These men are the worshippers of Sabri Mala who believe in the long months of penance bearing uniform (a black lung and a black shirt), hair and beards uncut and walk with bare feet. You Ayyapa 's are the statue of revered. From celebrities to the common man, all throughout the ride up the mountain in treacherous straight upto the temple after following the penance of 41 days.

Although controversial, are not allowed even to women in the new sanctuary.

Getting there: The closest airports to Sabarimala are Thiruvananthpuram (149 kilometers Erumeli) and Ernakulam / Cochin (78 km). The station, the railways are the closest Chengannur (62 km from Erumeli), Thiruvalla and Changanasseri. You can get a bus-bar to Chalakayam the Vandiperiyar or Erumeli - three points for the ride into the mountain to Sabarimala.


This city is the temple of the beautiful Chola temple of Brihadeshwara (a local heritage of the world Culturage), covers a monolithic cupola made of a single block of granite that weighs 80 tonnes. Was taken to his the position using a ramp of 6 km in length, using the same technique as the Egyptian pyramids made to the building. Thanjavur is an important center for bronze figure of carcass, and its bronzes and handicrafts make him one of the highlights of a visit to south India.

Getting there:
The airport is the closest in Tiruchi (65kms to the east). The airports in the next closest are in Madurai (200 kms) and Chennai (350 Kms). You can get many trains to Tiruchi from Chennai and Thanjavur to Nagore.


The richest, the collection the most crowded and most of the human hair. YES! There are millions of devotees who believe in turning bald after each visit to Tirupati. He 's an ancient ritual, unquestionable that works really well for the barbers and the temple.

Apart from their independent rituals for the temple is distinguished its statue. It is the venerated shrine of Lord Venkateswara of Vaishnavite.

Tirupati was developed mainly by the contributions made by kings during their rule. Almost all the kings of the great dynasties of the southern peninsula to pay tribute to Mr Sri Venkateswara in this ancient shrine of Tirupati. Located in the hills of Tirumala still attracts people of different sects, in lifestyles, countries and the mold. It is the second - the most visited religious centers in the world that follows the Vatican. Tirupati when you could even visit the temple of Sri Kalyan Venkateswaraswami, the temple of Sri Venugopalaswami and Srikalahasti.

Getting there: Direct flights to Tirupati are available from Hyderabad and Chennai.

Tirupati is the train station the closest. OR you could get to Tirupati from Renigunta and Gudur by train, by bus-bar, or by taxi.


Past and present, eternity and continuity are communal overlap perfectly on the screen this wonderful city. With the Ganges that flows freely by hand, thousands of sadhus, pilgrims from various cultures and lots of milk, Varanasi is heaven on earth. It is a magnificent city, with countless attractions, as an exalted place of pilgrimage center and a microcosm of faith. The original relationship between the sacred river and the city is the essence of Varanasi - the land of sacred light. Life fossick around her right of rupture of the dawn to dusk.

Varanasi flock of pilgrims to visit:
Temple of Kashi VISHWANATH - dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the most revered by Hindus.
Temple of Durga - dedicated to the goddess Durga, associate of Lord Shiva.

The temple of Bharat Mata - serir dedicated to the mother to be built in India and Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth which was built by Babu Shiv Prasad Gupta. You could get some juice to the patriotic right here.

Walk through the busy streets with flowers and fruit aligned to the sale. See how vadeiam the boatman across the river without a sweat. And the Brahmins to perform their religious rites in a trance. Get the vibe of Varanasi!

Getting there: Varanasi is well connected by air, by rail and the bus-bar with all the important places of India. He 's approximately 700 Kms from Delhi. The airport is about 25 kilometers from the center of town. From ancient times the city was connected to cities like Taxila, Gazipur, Pataliputra, Vaishali, Ayodhya, Gorakhpur, Agra etc..

Vaishno Devi

Located near the city of Katri, in Udhampur district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the temple of Vaishno Devi is one of the revered places of worship in northern India. The journey here takes you through stunning wildlife of the region between mountains and forests spreading snow caps, to the shrine, sacred and mystical. During the maximum you could hear thousands of pilgrims that the sentence for shouting Jai Mata Di. The pilgrims climb up the steep slogan chanting of the mountain and show the true meaning of the term religious fervor. When visiting Vaishno Devi Banganga. It is believed that taking a bath in Banganga (prohibition: the arrow), a believer of the Mother Goddess can wash away all your sins.

Getting there: The nearest airport to Katri is the city of Jammu, 48 km (29.82 miles) away. The train station is the closest in Udhampur, 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) away. The extent appropriate Katri Railway is expected to be operational in 2007.

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