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Overlooking the summit that is famous landmarks of Shimla 'of s. The stained glass windows, the cruciform design architecture and engineering - all mixed up in a free form without amendment. The church is the second oldest church in the north of India. Visit the sermons on Sunday morning in English after which you could wander around the magnificent church. The church welcomes the beauty of Shimla.


The city however small Zooming Nashik is usually held in February by millions of pilgrims. Their destination - the Shrine of Infant Jesus. The church is supposed miraculous long queues of devotees from various parts of India with candles, flowers and rosaries available. This small church houses the idol of Infant Jesus is Matchless.


Pilgrims from far across its pay ode to the famous church of our lady of health in Velankani. The so-called Mecca of Christians is also colloquially referred to as the holy church of Arogya Matha . The small church plays host to thousands of pilgrims in February. The towers of seamless architecture and the sky is a sight-range. Don 't to the lack of outside the museum that shows the offers made by those who were cured of their disease. Located in Nagapattinam, the Churcah houses a beautiful

Churches of Goan

Goa is not all about beaches. The real Goa is in its less-popular interior where you can discover their true heritage and rich cultural and religious roots. The influence of 450 years of Portuguese rule is evident in the life of Goan. Velha Goa or Old Goa was once important and the Portuguese empires have the churches and cathedrals the most detailed group of the finest built during the 1st century AD XVII. Aged but in time the churches and cathedrals still have an infinite charm that attracts tourists and pilgrims from various parts of the globe.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus
The church is famous world-known housing the tomb of Saint Francis Xavier. The intricate designs and decorations are finely chiselled Matchless and are a perfect exhibition of the Renaissance architecture in its best. Each aspect of the church is well-thought - the confession of the box into the exquisitely chiselled stone. The sculptor Giovanni Batista Foggini designed the tomb of St. Francis Xavier, which is the main attraction. The construction of the church began in 1594 and went on until 1689.

Cathedral of the SE

Everything in the cathedral of the SE is large. The cathedral's altar SE is the largest and the largest bell. It took 80 long years to build it. And the SE is the cathedral church of the largest in Asia. The Portuguese want a large, church which promulgated the luxury of wealth, power and prosperity of their empire. With 15 altars, 8 chapels, huge columns.

Lady of the Rosary Church

It is perched on the hill real church of the holy Lady of the Rosary. One of the oldest churches in Goa was built in 1544 and took 6 years to complete. The style of architecture of Manueline dominates the interior of the church with Gothic elements. It was here that St. Francis Xavier taught the Catechism and to spread the word of Christianity. The main attraction is the glorious feast in November.

The church and convent of St. Francis of Assisi, the chapel of St. Catherine and Church of St. Augustine are the other churches that are a must see when in Goa.

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