Enjoy Honeymoon in Kerala

The thought of having your own Honeymoon in Kerala, popular known as God's own country to it's beauty and serenity, is romantic and exciting. Kerala is fast emerging as a haven for pairs because of their beautiful beaches, lakes of honey moon, tides, the hill stations, houseboats etc. that. Kerala is the most beautiful place in the world after Switzerland mentioned. You will have the opportunity to spend their honey-moon in a heavenly atmosphere if you prefer to be transported to Kerala for their honey moon, for this is one of the best romantic destinations for Honeymoon in India. Kerala offers solitude and relaxation, the high-life and activity and lots more. Discussed here are some of the best loved destinations for honey moon in Kerala. Superfluous to say that nature is at its best in Kerala.

In Golden Sand of Kovalam
Kovalam beach is the most famous in Kerala. The beach of Kovalam is the best bet in the ideal romantic destination for honey moon in Kerala. With the glow of golden sands, the dossier of the coconut, the crossing of the catamaran and sumptuous seafood, Kovalam and try to treat every tourist-be back in her lap are repeated. The surroundings are very romantic. You can also enjoy trips to the trip with her partner in life to sit back and relish the sights, the smells, and sounds of the field attract romantic. The nearest airport is the Trivandrum form which is located just kms away from Kovalam.

In Thekkady
If you want to enjoy your honey moon of living close to nature, then the position is advisable also known as Thekkady Periyar. Thekkady is famous for its reserve of the national park and the tiger, one of the parks attract wild animals in the world. The centerpiece of the park is the Periyar lake of 5,500 ha. Thekkady is a refuge for elephants, the herds can be seen in a playful way near the water holes. Some services of the boat so that visitors traveling to the interiors of the forest stretching away to see wild animals by hand. The luxury hotels are available but another attraction of Thekkady. Thekkady could only be alcangado the road because the train station and the nearest airport is just one hundred miles away.

In Hill Station Munnar
The fate of the most favorite for honey moon in Kerala, no doubt, is Munn. Munn is a station of the mountain that is as beautiful as a paradise. The city is situated at 1600 meters above sea level. The scales of Mount Greenish offer you a scenario to refresh. The spreading of tea plantations, the cities of the picture book, the tracks of winding, and the facilities of the holiday to make this a popular resort. There are a number of resources in Munné that you can use the rate available in your days of honeymoon. The airport and train station are the closest in Kochi in 130 kms. Cool off in the mountains of Munn, one of the most favorite destinations of the moon of honey from India.

In Backwaters (Kumarakom)
If the tides and the beauty of the lakes excited, then adjust the sail to Kumarakom with her husband to celebrate his. The village of Kumarakom is a small number of consoles in the Vembanad Lake and this small water world is part of the Kuttanad region. A bird sanctuary in the value of access, water sports, trip stumbles, rafrescamentos of ayurveda, the mangrove forests are among the attractions etc in Kumarakom. Kumarakom is known for houseboats is a unique feature of tides of Kerala. A honeymoon in a houseboat, floating on the water make your Honeymoon memorable. Gives you the pleasure of holidaying in the open air to still remain inside.

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