The bura-Chapori is a magnificent wildlife sanctuary located on the north bank of river Brahmaputra in Sonitpur district. The area of coverage of the park is about 44 sq-kms.

Wildlife: The bura-Chopai is considered to be the ideal habitat for Bengal Florica. Various species of migratory birds are also considered in this sanctuary. Other attractions are the great One-horned rhinoceros Indian, Asian buffalo, the wild boar, otter, civet cat, leopard cat and barking deer etc.. There are several species of reptiles are also found here.

Assam legitimate land deserves the nickname of the black rhino. Nearly all wildlife sanctuaries in Assam, including the wildlife sanctuary and the famous Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary least-known of the bura Chapuri are home to this famous historical pre survivor.

Located on the northern bank of the river Brahmaputra in the district of Sontipur
Assam's wildlife sanctuary bura-Chapuri is well worth a visit when on a trip
this state of northeastern India. Although the one-horned rhino
drainage largest sanctuaries, you will also get the opportunity to see many
other animals in their natural habitat in the wildlife sanctuary of bura-Chapuri.

Covering an area of 44.06 km, the amazing flora and fauna of the sanctuary of fauna bura-Chapuri is sure to impress lovers of the animal and not just of nature but also to travelers frequenting the joint. With the exception of the famous rhino, is also a breeding ground for Florica Bengal.

Some of the other animals that can be sighted in the sanctuary of fauna bura-Chapuri include the Asian buffalo, the wild boar, otter, civet cat, leopard cat, barking deer, etc.. The list also includes various reptiles.

It is a delightful experience to watch the fish move around in bodies of water. Many birds migrate to this reserve for wildlife that stretches on the alluvial flood plains of central Assam. Although there is too much, ferruginous ducks are wintering in the charming look.

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