SunSet Tourism

Matsue, a small Japanese city with no prominent industries has found a new resource to boost its tourism resilient economic times - the sunset. While other cities have done everything from modern art complexes to promoting the building of local seafood, Matsue is focusing on its sunsets to draw visitors. The city the 's only industry is tourism and its idea is to maximize the use of the sunset.

The city of 193,000 people in southwestern Japan the 's main island of Honshu, has set the prediction of sunset, which is the Cree first-of-its-kind, giving weekly previews of the time. The project, launched in August 2007 is gaining importance. The number of foreign visitors to the city last year jumped by 41.5 percent to 34,898.

At its Web site, the city publishes the forecasts for next week. Grades range from certainty to the impossibility of considering the sunset. The data come from the Japan Meteorological Agency, but the charges are the work of municipal authorities, who insist that the sunset is often more beautiful when it rains or is cloudy in the end of sunny days. The forecast enjoys 7,000 page hits per month. The city has also built a special park in the lake for visitors to enjoy the view.

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