National Park Dibru-Saikhowa is a biosphere reserve located in the alluvial flood plains of Brahmaputra in upper Assam bordering Arunachal, the land of the sun rise in the eastern Himalayas. It's in the juncction of reverd Lohit and the Brahmaputra which originates in the great sacred Mansarovar in western Tibet in the shadow of Mount Kailash.

National Park Dibru-saikhowa park is only formed by nature by tremors of the earth and waterways evolving over time into the pockets of the island and numerous bodies of water that provide an unusual habitat for varied wildlife The aqua fauna and avifauna. The park stretches over 350 square kilometers in the Southern bank of the Brahmaputra. Its vegetation includes mainly forest enduring semi-deciduous forest of moist tropical leaves, bamboo and cane. A variety of orchid flowers in the park. The parks are an ideal habitat for many animals and birds. It is home to wild horses and rare river dolphin Ganges besides real Bengal tiger, leopard, leopard cat, clouded leopard, elephant in eastern India, n, of the Gibbon Hoolock, wild buffalo Asia and a variety of deer in addition to other wildlife. There are number of local and migratory birds in their many bodies of water. This includes wood duck wings with white Bengal Florica, much of this Indian Hornbill, Hornbill The various colors of the Indian East, the point he has the pelican, the stork couple of helper, little helper Strok, fishing eagle for Pallas 's, greater spotted eagle, marsh Fran and Colin Blyth ' s. kingfisher

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