A lot of white water rafting in the country especially the north Indian rivers present themselves as a collection of the best white water in the world within a small geographic location (which allows to consider only the north of India). A number of lakes in the Kumaon region of the Ganga and its tributaries above (Alaknanda, Bhagirathi and other smaller tributaries) can be hailed as the queen of white water rafting industry transports.

The Indian association of professional dealers carrying clothes made for men in a raft (IAPRO - Web site www.iapro.org) is the nodal body that coordinates and controls the operations carried white water rafting in the country with the help and the active help of white water that carries up to sell clothes for men on a raft in the country. All sellers of clothes made for men carrying raft must have a permit required from the departments of tourism of the state for current operations in any river in the country.

White water rafting in India can be broadly classified into two categories ie, travel of the day (few hours of fun) or the multi-function day of the expedition. The trips are offered in the days following the rivers. Ganga - Uttaranchal, Teesta - Sikkim
Beas - Himachal Pradesh, Kaveri - Karnataka, Braham Putra - Assam.

The White Water Kayaking and white water kayaking course - most of the sellers of clothes made for men allowed to organize a preliminary course in white water Kayaking in their fields at the edge of the Ganges. Rishikesh is its the best thing you can do if you want to learn with good instructors and good equipment while focusing the majority of the knowledge base in the sights of white water in Rishikesh and scope next 40 odd kilometers of water Up in the Ganges.

Still Water Kayaking on the lakes - many lakes in the Kumaon region is well suited for Lake Kayaking.

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