Nestled between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Kerala is one of the admired tourist destinations in India. Tourists from every corner of the world visit this divine place to enjoy holidays in the lap of Mother Nature. The beauty of this place is really recommendable and visitors from around the world come here to solve the tranquility and beauty of country charm of this god. The ride and a visit to any place and you will find outstanding beauty in the perfect spot. The emerald forest, the waterfall sprayed, glistering haven and emerald rice fields that adorn this place gives you a divine eye. The backwater and beaches captivate tourists with its beauty that magnetized. Visit once and you are sure that the captivating beauty of this place will be delayed in front of his eyes through his life.

There are many fascinating tourist destination in this country of God. Over the whole fascination of the beauty of the beaches and the island attracts tourists to its shore. The oasis is the oxygen of the life of Kerala. There are many fascinating destination for houseboat in this state for the hot tourist enjoy their holidays. The author Arundhati Roy, or the god of small things also describes in his book about the beauty of Kerala and the beauty of country charm of this god. It is an ongoing experience of life across the island famous. It is an excellent opportunity for visitors, tourists and the pair enjoy the beauty of animation and the nearest point. The houseboat sails from this place along the beautiful valley dotted with palm trees and coconut. Crossing once and feel the magic and splendor of the divine atmosphere of the place divine.

There are several fascinating destinations of the houseboat in this state of cashew. Alleppey, Kollam, Kuttanad, Kochi, Kumarakom, Periyar Trivandrum etc are the most preferred tourism here. In Periyar one can enjoy the beauty of the voyage of the houseboat you see the panoramic view of nature and the soothing view wildlife. It was an awesome experience as the trip is something of the best views of the world to capture and cherish your Kerala backwater tours. The queen of Arabian Sea, Kochi is the glorious atmosphere of the finest destination and haven of scenic beauty. The beaches are calm and beauty that fascinates extraordinarily ordinary tourist. As the boat glides to twinkle beauty opens both side. Gives the real atmosphere and pleasure are powerful in this country of God.

Being in this state of India as a hot one may be missing an opportunity to cross at the houseboat in Kumarakom. Is the center of the crossing of the houseboat and tourists enjoying charming moments in the pristine water. Navigation in the palace of the water in Kumarakom is an awesome experience. The fascination of the beauty of pristine water and emerald rice fields is a pleasure to the visitors. The houseboat or Kettuvellam this place comes with all the luxury traditional and modern luxury. The cozy sitting area with view of the nature of animation really gives you credit for a memorable journey.

Apart from the destination of the island, home of God is also a place in medical science. The holistic body massage with pure herbs and spices can also enjoy your trip. There are many other things fabulous, mouthwatering smells from kitchens makes you lick your finger even if you finish your plate of food. You can consult your travel agent and make your reservation for the houseboat in Kerala in progress. Enjoy the trip and luxury caressing moments of gold through his life.

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