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Mysore Palace
The Palace of Mysore is one of the main attractions of Mysore. Built in the Indo-Saracenic style of the palace is a home of exquisite carvings and precious paintings from all over the world. The fort also has entries abstruse designed with domes, the minaret, the arches and carved gallery. The Durbar Hall has a real roof and ornate pillars chiseled many. Another attraction of the palace is the royal throne of Wodeyars made of gold, embellished with precious stones and jewelry. The throne is on display at the palace for public viewing during the festival Dasera.
The palace is lit beautifully on all Sundays and holidays, imposing a vision to make a 'value of the visit of s.

Chamundi Hills
Above the hills of Chamundi Temple in the twelfth century goddess Chamundeshwari of Wodeyars perched nearly 335m high sea level. The temple can zoom through a 13km road or well-trained can up uploaded by 1000 steps built in the seventeenth century by Maharaj3a of Mysore. The major attraction of the site is Nandi, Lord Shiva 's Bull, a structure of augusta 4.8M carved out of single granite rock. Zenith of the hill offers a breathtaking panorama of Mysore of the 'lakes, gardens and palaces of s.

Brindavan Garden
Brindavan Garden
Expended on 150 acres, Brindavan garden is the garden of acclaimed Indian subcontinent. Located in the Kannambadi the KR Sagar Dam, Brindavan garden is a popular site for Indian movies. Since the 60s, is used continuously for the song sequences of shooting for films. A special attraction of the garden includes fonts 'the Musical dance. The garden has been under renovation now complete with the introduction of new system and the source of light, which attracts tourists not only from India but also from other parts of the globe and helped futther in the tourism industry to boast of Mysore.
Synchronizations: Monday-Friday: 6:30 PM - 7:25 PM and Saturday-Sunday: 6:30 PM - 8:25 PM

St. Philomena's Church 's of
Another attraction is the cathedral church of the exquisite St. Philomena 's. A specimen of medieval architectural style, the church is one of the largest churches in the country showing stained glass windows and towers high.

Mysore Zoo
The Mysore Zoo includes some rare species of fauna which are still surrounding natural greenery. The zoo is also notable person to breed some rare mammals in confinement.

Art Gallery
In 1875, the Jaganmohan palace was transformed into an art gallery, displaying beautiful paintings of that era. The world prestigious paintings of the Mysore road 'Gold is also exhibited in the gallery, which is also a great source of attraction among tourists.

There is a Gumbaz, Tipu 's tomb near the black fortress with superb carved doors off the ivory. The fort also contains a mosque and temple Ranganathaswamy.

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