The Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Nagaon district of Assam was regarded as an area rich and diverse fauna of Assam up to 80 years. The sanctuary covers an area of 70 sq. miles of wildlife and warm as the great horned rhino in danger of Indian royal Bengal tiger, elephant, Asian water buffalo, about 200 species of birds, including the Bengal Florica. Until 1983, the rhino population was about 70.

The wildlife sanctuary Laokhowa is one of the fascinating wildlife sanctuaries in Assam. It is situated at a distance of 25 kilometers from the town of Nagoan. It is a home to countless species of birds, animals and plants. The Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 70.13 sq. kilometer. The atmosphere is environmentally friendly is the first reason to perform many varieties of biotic life in the sanctuary of fauna Laokhowa. The wildlife sanctuary in Assam Laokhowa is also characterized by levels of precipitation.

The Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam is one of the fascinating wildlife sanctuaries in Assam. Situated close to the city of Nagoan and serves as a paradise of rare birds, animals and plants. The wildlife sanctuary covers an area Laokhowa of 70.13 sq. kilometer. This wildlife sanctuary is known as a popular lover's paradise of wild life. The one horned rhino in the sanctuary is one of the main attractions of wildlife sanctuary Laokhowa.

The Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to many rare species of wild animals. Ie the habitat is a large variety of flora and fauna. A certain species of fauna is one horned rhinoceros, wild boar, water buffalo Asian leopard cat, civet cat, hog deer, black deer, elephant and numerous species of migratory birds. This is why the wildlife sanctuary Laokhowa is sometimes referred to as a paradise for lovers of wildlife.

The best time to visit the wildlife sanctuary Laokhowa is between November to April.

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