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Popularly Known as "God's Own Country", the Indian state of Kerala is a place of pleasure, beauty and splendor. It is a perfect destination for the perfect vacation in India where you can enjoy the tourist heart of the beach or to experience that grabs the charm and serenity of scenic backwaters. It is a destination where you can enjoy the green hill stations equipped with scenic beauty and magnificent creations caught the eye of the nature and picturesque landscapes, flowering meadows, lakes and waterfalls charming who say too effusion. It is a destination where you can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in several ayurvedic resorts and spa centers. It is a destination where you can enjoy the tourism and sightseeing amazing hill stations, beaches, the backwaters of the rice fields, lakes, rivers charming, fauna of scenic landscapes, etc.. in fact, Kerala is a destination for tourism experience really captivating and enchanting holiday in India.

The enchanting state of Kerala is predominantly known for its beaches and scenic backwaters dotted with coconut trees of the palm. The state has some of the finest beaches in the world. Kovalam, Varkala, Alleppey Kochi and strength are just a few names. Kovalam is a global destination of the famous beach tourist attractions in the state of the world to travel and explore Kerala tourism only to the beach. The beaches of Kerala are pretty impressive and ideal for swimming, sunbathing, sea bathing, and the crossing of fun activities. The beaches are very popular among newly married and romantic pairs. Pairs around the world trip in Kerala for a vacation, romantic honeymoon in India. Endowed with great beauty of nature the beaches of Kerala provide peer truly charming and romantic atmosphere and just straighten the settings for vacation honeymoon in India.

The backwaters in Kerala are a wide network of several scenic bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, lagoons, entrances, channels, etc. tourism haven. in the state are very popular among tourists. Nobody can think of complete travel and tour in Kerala without exploring its backwaters and pristine destinations in the oasis. There are several beautiful backwater destinations in the state. Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kuttanad, Kozhikode, the fort Kochi, Trivandrum, etc are names to few. All these destinations are ideal for trips starting from the houseboat in Kerala to enjoy the last haven of tourism and nature. Alleppey and Kumarakom are perhaps the most popular destinations for travel from home to start off the scenic backwaters of the state. The travel and tourism haven of the houseboat are also very popular among honeymooners and peers. A journey of well-organized houseboat provides the perfect setting for tourists to vacation in the ideal honeymoon in India.

The hill stations of Kerala are also popular among tourists. There are several green hill stations in the tourist and holiday attractions in the state of the world. The hill stations are blessed with great beauty of nature and provide for tourists to explore the rich flora and fauna of the state. Munna, Ponmudi and Wayana names are just a few famous tourist resorts of the hill state. Due to the magnificent beauty of nature in the hill town of Munna fondly known as the Kashmir of south India. Wayana is a popular destination for tourism in the hill station tourism and wildlife. The hill stations of the state are also popular among newlyweds. There are lovely lakes, rich flora and fauna, scenic points, points of view, points to the newly married, about sunset, waterfalls say too effusion, and scenic landscapes to add romance to the pairs of the honeymoon . There are several packages in Kerala Honeymoon in pairs to provide a romantic holiday in India.

The tour and travel in Kerala also give the tourists to get insight into the rich culture and tradition of India. Tourists can enjoy the colorful fairs and festivals and various cultural events and demonstrations in their tours of Kerala. Well, if you want also want to enjoy the amazing experience of tourism in India, it is advisable to explore Kerala, God's own country - the land of magnificent beauty of nature.

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