Kerala Backwater Tours

The stunning beauty and charm of backwaters of Kerala do not need any introduction. The pools are large network of several scenic bodies of water such as lakes, canals, rivers, canals, lagoons, etc. tourism haven. are at their peak in the Indian state of Kerala today. Loving nature, pairs of honeymooners and other tourists around the world visit Kerala to enjoy backwater tourism. The most popular way to explore the backwaters is an amazing journey neat house boat on fresh water of scenic backwaters.

The pools are connected with several beautiful destinations like Alleppey, Kumarakom, Cochin, Trivandrum, Thiruvallam, Kuttanad, etc. These destinations are well-preferred destinations for the passage of the boat house. There is wide choice of routes is available for fantastic voyages of the ship home, and tourists can choose one that fits your budget and time frame. Each route is endowed with magnificent natural beauty. Each route is peaceful, pleasant and desirable in itself. Each route provides a wonderful opportunity to treasure the experience of nature in magnificent backwaters impressive. The largest body of water in the state is Lake Vembanad. The lake is very beautiful where you can go for a leisurely boat trip from home that allows you to enjoy the abundant life nature of the water.

In Kerala, the traditional houseboats were called Kettuvallams. Kettuvallam means a vessel that is made by tying together with pieces of wood. It is very interesting that not a single nail is used in the manufacture of a Kettuvallam. The materials used in the manufacture of the houseboats of Kerala or Kettuvallams are eco friendly as bamboo poles, bamboo mats, coir carpets, ropes of coconut fiber. Kettuvallams is today in the luxurious house boats with facilities like luxurious hotels. A houseboat is usually two quarters attached bathroom, an open lounge, sun deck, kitchen with the cook, etc. Boat house in the traditional lanterns used for lighting that creates truly romantic atmosphere at night. As a boat cruise on backwaters of home theater options can be perfect for newlyweds or peers who are in love.

A journey to Kerala houseboat along the palm-channel slots in the state is one of the most exciting holiday in India today. A well-organized trip in the oasis of a luxury house boat in the world takes only water and admiration. You have amazing views of the Chinese fishing nets, the vast rice fields of rural households, the traditional villages of the lilies of water, coir villages, groves of coconut, the temples, etc from the deck of his journey from Kerala houseboats. In the backwater destinations you will also see several attractions catchy. Alleppey and Kumarakom are well-known destinations for the beginning of the voyage of the boat in the canals of the state of science. In Alleppey or Kumarakom you can find several agencies that offer exciting packages for travel by the Kerala backwater cruise boat and working from home via different routes of scenic haven.

Mane if you also want to cherish the real charm of Kerala tourism, visit famous destinations like Alleppey, Kochi, Kumarakom, Kuttanad, Trivandrum, Thiruvallam, etc and the star is desirable for the boat trip home. Rudo is a delightful experience that you love your family to cherish the life course.

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