Kaziranga National Park lies on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra and its boundary generally follows the river and Mora Diphlu runs parallel to the national highway No. 37. Covering an area of 688 sq. kilometers. The park was first established in 1908 as a reserve forest with only about a dozen of the Rhinos and declared a national park in 1974

Flora and fauna: Kaziranga is famous for the great One-horned Rhinos. Tigers, which are natural enemies of Rhino, there are also significant numbers in the area. Other attractions of this national park include the wild buffalo, magnificent swamp deer, hog deer, the wild boar, the Gibbon Hoolock of the capsule and the ratel Langur (badger).

A variety of snakes including the rock python and monitor lizard also found here. Among birds, the crested eagle with a snake that is common while palla 'eagle s fishing eagle fishing are gray-headed often. Others include floricab of Bengal, the bar-headed goose, whistling the Trullo and the pelican.

Mihimukh is the area for the park begins and elephants can be employed here to enter the shrine

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