The state of Karnataka is a land of wonderful memories range where the mixture of the past with the present. Karnataka 'the fate of being s exquisitely carve the prehistoric temples dating over a thousand old who gardens, beautifully placed in those years adorn their cities, garden, the ancient monuments and magnificent palaces of tropical forests and past magnificent opaque and the reserves of wild animals in the store for visitors.

The languages that run in this state include Kannada, Urdu, the Tamil and English. The best time to visit Karnataka is held in October and April. Bangalore hyped and the most sophisticated city of India is the capital of Karnataka. Karnataka is famous for the carvings of sandal wood and the letters of the ivory. Beside these visitors also buy the clothes of famous Mysore silk. The main cities of Karnataka are Bangalore, Belgaum, Bellary, Hassan, Hubli, Mangalore and Mysore. The famous phrase that we all remember quite often caution is always better than cure, so when you travel to Andhra Pradesh, some planning and precautions must be taken of. This will make your journey comfortable, safe and secure.

Karnataka is a place so warm that the clothes should be selected accordingly. Should provide you the maximum comfort. Cotton is the order of the tour. The desnudez in public places is punishable. Carreg the proper number of cotton clothes. If you are traveling in the winter of Carreg coats and woolen shawls light. If you are a foreign tourist who visit Kerala currency you must load and Indian rupees. It is advisable to upload your ATM card than cash. The traveler 's' checks are widely accepted in Karnataka. The advantages of moving money are available at all banks operating in the State Govt., Some hotels also provide the resources and facilities to change money. Beware of Candonga and fraud and not change the money with local traders.

When you're in public places does not accept any sexual offers even a professional sex worker. May be contaminated with the virus of aids (automatic device of entrance) of HIV. Do not work with bare feet, could give the fungous infection and parasitism you. Do not charge or not to replace any drugs when their stay in Karnataka. It is illegal and you can be heavily fined if stopped. Check to see if there is a cleaning and hygiene to eating out in restaurants small. Drink mineral water to dine out in restaurants. If you are in need of medical help always insist for sterilized and disposable syringes. Wash and clean public toilets before using. It loads a good adapter for all your electrical items.

Visit the places of worship and keep the silence as instructed. In some points of tourist photography is restricted so that does not violate the rules. Be alert and carry some sun screen lotion and the necessary medicines while you are traveling to Karnataka. Have unlimited fun and make your trip memorable and special.

When traveling to a tourist destination, if it is oneself between exotic surroundings and unfamiliar people. One is in high adrenaline mode and is optimistic. But among all the excitement and merriment, one needs to be prudent and discreet to explore different facets of the route.

Karnataka enchants one and all with their Rolling Hills, golden beaches, sacred pilgrimages and exotic wildlife. The travel tips for Karnataka are being provided to ensure that you have a peekaboo of culture and life of the state and to enjoy hassle-free holiday.

The tips section of the course of Karnataka covering different topics such as clothes to wear, felling, issues of security, food, tourist guides, local transportation, communication and the other lot. Make sure you have digested the information provided here before embarking on this tour to Karnataka.

Karnataka Travel Tips
When we travel to a tourist destination, the prospect of a fun-filled experience is highly work spirit. Among all the excitement and merriment, it is equally important to maintain a constant head above an 'shoulders to avoid the potential problem. On umpteen occasions, confident of falling prey to tourists unscrupulous elements that desenga├ža popular tourist hot spots. Given below are some safety precautions that you should take this forward eagerly to undertake the tour.

By moving it around in places clusters watch out for pickpocketing and keep your wallet inside your coat, place all your items of value and important documents in safe deposit box in the hotel, if you have to travel to far away the seats of the center of town, move up instead in groups with other tourists, the travel does not load the money in larger amounts and do not use travelers 'checks and credit cards instead, does not become too friendly with strangers and does not accept the food or do not drink them.

Keep in mind while traveling in karnataka
The movement of motor traffic is on the right, and pedestrians should walk on the left. Foreigners must have an international driving license and must maintain throughout the course and other relevant documents to hand. Always negotiate for property to buy as cited high prices. Be in touch with a local source to make your business profitable. Carreg a proof of your identity bearing that you appoint, age, address it, and blood group. Keep your reasons in a plastic bag to avoid any damage. Keep important documents such as proof of authentication, identity, and the money in a wallet or a bag. Do not leave your things unattended. Keep away from the unknown and not a blind trust.

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It is not necessary that you spend a lot of money when spending summer vacation. You may just amuse yourself from places where there lots of historical past like the old buildings or maybe check out some old caves for adventure.

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