Today when i visited the website of india tourism official website, i was wondered by the image of aamir khan in the website. I was wondering how come aamir khan associted with india tourism. On looking more details on the website i found that he is campaigning for the new venture of india tourism named adithi devo bhavah meaning guest is god.

Adithi devo bhavah is social awareness campaign conducted by ministry of tourism and aamir khan is now the brand ambassador.

At a recent meeting between Tourism and Culture Minister Smt the union. Shri Ambika Soni and Aamir Khan, it was decided that the staff would help the efforts of the ministry of tourism sector to promote domestic and foreign - with advertising campaigns in print and electronic media to increase social awareness and preservation of Indian heritage rich and to sensitize people regarding their attitudes and behavior, especially to tourists from women who are our guests. Of Hon'ble Minister Smt. Ambika Soni expressed happiness over the association of Shri Aamir Khan with the ministry of tourism and said that the plea of the total known agent further boost the tourism ministry's efforts to educate people to welcome tourists and to be useful to visitors and address the implementation vandalisation of historical monuments.

Hon'ble Minister said that promotes safeguarding our rich heritage while promoting tourism is an important issue and the association with Shri Aamir Khan definitely bring desired results. Aamir will appear in television ads, the national dailies and also on the Internet as part of the campaign home secretary Sujit Banerjee tourism Atithi Devo Bhavah ', the `said. The campaign includes two television ads - one that sensitizes against misconduct with foreign tourists and the other against litter and graffiti in the tourist sites. In the first ad second 60, the star of Ghajini `appointed the ambassador of the campaign of 'Atithi Devo Bhavah ministry, conduct friendly brand of lawyers to tell the tourists is a matter of of `honor '. nationally. The second advertisement, the length of 40 seconds, shows Khan asking that people do not download garbage and do not put graffiti on the monuments. The ad was shot in the caves of Kanheri in Mumbai. The scripts of both films were written notice by the author Prasoon Joshi and directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra (rang De Basanti fame). According to Banerjee, Khan and the team worked free of cost for the campaign. The website became operational with the participation of Khan you were looking for viewers to oppose against misconduct with tourists and to stop people from defacing the monuments and left in disarray at the places of tourists. An agenda for face to face interaction that creates awareness among the masses of decline beginning in Mumbai and Delhi soon. This will be complemented by posters in strategic locations to make the campaign a completely integrated program that will eventually turn into a full motion.

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Anonymous said...

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Hi Gururaj,

Thanks for providing more detailed information about India in a simple and precise way.


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