The Golden Chariot, the luxurious train of the heritage of Karnataka government has completed one year of commercial operation is likely to be expanded to other states after its second year of operations starting August 2009.

The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC), which operates the train, is geared up to launch a new marketing strategy to woo several sections representing visitors from India and abroad. To expand its reach and attract more big international travelers, the corporation is moving into a tie up with a private airline company which has significant presence in India and abroad.

KSTDC is in advanced negotiations with a couple of airline companies for a loop to promote our luxury train between their foreign travelers. The corporation is also in talks with Kingfisher Airlines for a similar means. KSTDC belives that the general sales agents of the airline companies, we get additional people through its network.

The corporation has also planned to conduct tours abroad this year. Plan to participate in major exhibitions of international route in London, Berlin, Las Vegas, France and others similar kind of exhibhitions. KSTDC will conduct a tour of Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway and Finland this year. These are some of the countries which are not badly affection by the current economic slow down.

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