Diving in India

Every destination is completely unique in its own way, and all have widely different dive conditions and marine life. While Lakshadweep has the clear blue lagoons of coral atolls, Andaman and Nicobar are volcanic islands surrounded deeply about, undisturbed waters that have an astonishing biodiversity. The third destination Goa has many exciting things to do ashore as well as in water.

Your adventure will begin long before it makes its leap ever. The leap in quality in the world often lies outside the world. Getting there may not always be easy. Travel routes that run through the valleys and plains, with amazing landscapes, and at the end of it all, the experience of diving into the sites so pristine and untouched - which you could probably be a pioneer.

The most important diving destinations in india are goa, lakshadweep and the islands of andaman and nicobar. These three destinations in india has got all facilities provided for those who are interested in scuba diving.

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