The strategic position of India in the South-East Asia will allow the creation of circuits that could include the voyage Singapore, Bangkok, Colombo and Dubai. This will help India to become a first point for tours of the voyage, whether recent developments, including the race of the next Volvo Ocean are any indication.

As part of the cruise shipping policy adopted by the government this year, the shipping ministry had planned to fix the cruise terminals in the ports of Chennai, Mumbai, Goa and Kochi in the first phase and develop the terminal of the voyage in Mangalore, Murmgoa, Kolkata, Andaman and Nicobar and Tuticorin in a later stage.

The government is proposing to announce incentives for ports to optimize their production achieved a reasonable balance between the high revenue generating vessels and cruise ships loading. The government is also discussing certain issues such as taxes on chests and rapid immigration to increase tourism to the crossing, the sources say.

As part of the policy on cruise shipping, cabotage law (cabotage is commerce or navigation in coastal waters or the exclusive right of a country to operate air traffic within its territory) has been relaxed by another period of ten years from December 2008 to allow foreign cruise ships to carry Indians from one Indian port to another without having a touch a foreign port in between.

The real needs of a cruise line are safe, clean and safe that can handle larger ships. India is yet to emerge as a local market for the purchase of components. Between November 2008 - 2012, the industry will add 34 new crossing structures with an investment of $ 23.9 billion. The average size of each new structure is 1.00.000 on tons with a capacity of 3,000 passengers half, targeting an enormous market.

The balance is tilted cargo ships of towads liners on the crossing especially because the latter generates revenues for the destinations with tourist spending and ninguÌ No significant revenue for the ports. The public-private participation is the precondition for creating the dedicated cruise terminals at ports in revenue generating options including hotels, restaurants and duty free shopping in airports,''said Mr. Ramachandran, President, Kochi port trust. Several firms have shown interest to operate in India, but the cost of the cabinet unattainable (because of duties) and taxes to the local operations are the challenges.

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