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Accroding to legend and history, the great hindu Lord Parashurama has shot an arrow into the sea from the hill of Sahydri and commanded the might sea to withdraw to the point where the arrow fell and thus created the beautiful goa region which is now a days a priceless heritage for the people.

Goa is one among the youngest states in india. This state has been a paradise for beach lovers and the visitors to this places never ceases from India and abroad. The Goan hospitality, Goandelights, ancient Goan temples, Goan churches, Goan monuments, Goan folk arts and Goan music, the secenic and natural beauty are some of the reasons for any visitor to get admired.

Goa has a goa a age old and varied history. It has been ruled by the Maurian Empire, the Satavahanas of Kolhapur, the Chalukyas of Badami, the Shiharas, the Rashtrakutas, the Kadambas, the Chalukyans of Kalyani and the Yadavas, under whom it became a part of the Delhi Sultanate. The Portuguese were the last to rule Goa. They reigned from 1510 to 1961.

About 20 years back goa was under the control of potuguese. Goa was liberated from the Portuguese rule by the Indian army on the 19th of December 1961, and was declared as a state.

Goa is the one and only tourist destination which receives visitors/tourists all round the year. On each and every day goa never stops to charm the visitors. Having fantastic and beautiful blue sea, silvery sands, goan cultural heritage, magnificent churches of colonial era, Goa is the best and un comparable holiday destination in India. Goa is truly a travelelrs heaven. Being the a hot and occuring region in the world tourism map, the destination provides the best of hotels and resorts for all types of travelers. There are all categories of hotels and resorts and many of them also offer private beaches. You can find hotel of any category in goa. The hotels in goa are having great quality and true to satisfy the needs of the travellers. Budget hotels in goa are priced in a range of 1000 to 1500 rupees per day. But during season time the rates are subjected to rise.

For the budget travellers in Goa there are a number of budget hotels in Goa that offer comfortable accommodation. Book your hotel rooms in Goa with us. We not only deals in goa budget hotels, we also do online booking all types of resorts and hotels .

If you are looking for the best goa budget holiday? It ends here ends here at the gorgeous land of Sun, Sand and Sea - Goa. The holiday destination offers you the best in the world. The most breathtakingly beautiful beaches, the confluence of the East and the West let the holiday be the best time of your life.

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