The Bull Temple
Kempegowda was built in the sixteenth century AD. The gray granite of the sacred bull, Nandi, is the main attraction after which the temple was named. The sacred bull has been carved out of a single block of granite and measures 4.57 m in height and 6.10 m in length.

Tipu Sultan 's sultan of PalaceTipu ' s Palace
built of teakwood, was built between 1781-1791. The palace is famous for its inlay designs, floral patterns on the walls and ceilings after Tipu of 's death the British used the palace as the secretariat until 1867.

a botanical garden, was originally called Lalbagh, red media and means of Lal Bagh Gardening. The garden is embellished with thousands of beautiful red roses. It also has a green house with a collection of various kinds of flora. Another attraction of the garden is a greenhouse built in the pattern of the crystal palace in London.

Sri Gavi Temple Gangadhareswara

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is dug out of a monolithic granite rock. It is believed that the January 14 each year, a ray of sunlight passes through an arch between the horns of the bull stone placed outside the temple and lights up the idol inside. Demonstrates the superiority of the techniques used in the old architecture combined with his knowledge of astronomy.


Aquarium Bangalore is an ideal place to see a large variety of aqua-fauna at close quarters. He's second largest aquarium in the country.

Government Museum and Art Gallery Venkatappa
Established in 1886, the museum shows the government's varied collection of archeological artifacts. The art gallery has a collection of works by the artist known - K. Venkatappa of the court of Mysore.

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