Vijayadurg Fort

Vijaydurg, situated 48kms south of Ratnagiri, is one of the strongest sea forts on the west coast of India. It is and an excellent harbour. Built on a mound on the swagger of Vaghotan River, the garrison was cosseted on three sides by the sea and on the east periphery by ditch, now to the top up. in imitation of crossing the abut gate on the east, the path, fudging round the massive hub wall, enters the unseen inner gateway. The dazzling triple procession of ramparts had 27 bastions, nearly of them two-storeyed. Within the refuge in attendance were countless buildings and storehouses, now all in ruins excluding a build up called support House. For the provide of water near were quite a lot of wells and sizeable tanks.

In contemporary days a sunken enclose 100metres east of the garrison has been discovered. The under-sea border is 3 metres high, 7 metres spacious and 122 metres long. How and why this sea-wall was built is not clear. On the have an account of the Vaghotan River, in this area 3kms from the fort, in attendance was a wet come in anywhere the Marathas worn to dimensions and restore their ships. Vijayadurg is an antiquated site. to begin with famous as Gheria, it was enlarged by the Bijapur rulers and at that time strengthened and enlarged in the mid-17th century by Shivaji, to whom it owes its triple border of fortifications, towers and besides its new name, Vijayadurg – Victory Fort. During the time of Kanhoji Angre (1667-1729 AD), the seafaring chief of the Marathas, the fastness was so heavy-duty and securely under arrest with the intention of it successfully withstood assaults of the European sea powers. Soon after in 1756 AD it chop down to the united operations of the English and the Peshwas. However, it remained in the hands of the Peshwas cultivate 1818 AD once in the end it was surrendered to the English.

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