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Surat stands on the hanks of the River Tapti and was some time ago one of western India's main ports and trading towns. Parsis original matured in Surat in the 12th century; they had previously been centred l00km south in Sanjan, where they had fled from Persia five centuries before. In 1573 Surat cut down to Akbar in the manner of a prolonged siege. It after that became an of the essence Moghul trading docks and as well the detail of departure for Mecca-bound Muslim pilgrims. Surat in next to no time became a wealthy city. In 1612, the British traditional a trading factory, followed by the Dutch in 1616 and the French in 1664.Surat is no longer of any worth as a port, but it is a most important business centre, chiefly for the manufacture of textiles and chemicals, and the dispensation and dying of diamonds. Thc city is possibly greatest known these days, however, as the situate of an rash of pneumonic plague in 1994. in the face of its modern import Surat is of minor hobby to travelers, apart from individuals by means of a charm for inner-city decay, mayhem, blare and pollution.

Surat is delimited on one aspect by the Tapti waterway and on the additional by a brick wall. This fence was once upon a time an eight km lengthy mud wall, but subsequent to the metropolis was sacked in 1664 by the Maratha chief Shivaji, it was reconstructed in brick. The railway station, surrounded by many economical hotels, is united to the old fort beside the watercourse by one of Surat's roads.

In and about Surat
Nearby are a numeral of beaches nearing Surat. just l6km away, Dumas is a widespread way out as well as locals. Hajira is 28km beginning the metropolitan and Ubhrat is 42km out, at the same time as Tithal is 108kn not here and solitary five km commencing Valsad on the Mumbai to Vadodara prepare line. Twenty-nine km south of Surat, Navsari has been a command center for the Parsi area from the time when the earliest being of their resolution in India. Udvada, individual 10km north of Vapi the base for Daman, has the oldest Parsi sacred vigor in India. It is held so as to the discharge was brought commencing Persia to Diu, on the contrary coast of the Gulf of Cambay, in 700 AD. Sanjan , in the severe south of the state, is the minor harbor wherever the Parsis paramount landed. A column letters the spot.

How to reach
Surat is on the most important Mumbai to Ahmedabad railway line. The 263km slip to Mumbai takes between 41/2 and 61/2 hours and expenditure Rs 75/310 or Rs 95/310 for a sleeping berth. To Ahmedabad, the 229km trip takes commencing 31/2 to 41/2 hours and overheads Rs 75/250.

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