Rajkot Gujrat

Rajkot was just the once the assets of the charitable situation of Saurashtra. It was furthermore the nerve center of the British Government. Rajkot is one of the a large amount of great consequence commercial and industrialized cities of Saurashtra. It is preeminent known as the urban someplace Mahatma Gandhi used up the early on time of his animation when his minister was a 'Diwan' or Prime Minister to the emperor of Saurashtra. Even today, their type mother country at this juncture houses a permanent exhibition of Gandhiji's special belongings. Rajkot is a bustling and prosperous town of Gujarat, of great chronological significance. Today, Rajkot is hub of Gujrat handicrafts, such as, Bandhani Sarees, mirror-work, insignia work, drop occupation and silk embroidery. Rajkot is about 220 kms from Ahmedabad. top flavor to visit is sandwiched between October to March.

How to make contact with

By Air
I A connects Rajkot in the company of Bombay and Vayudoot connects Rajkot among Bombay and Kandla. East West Airlines also run flight from Bombay to Rajkot.

By Rail

Rajkot is a junction on the Western Railway broad gauge line.

By path

Gujarat State Transport bus connect Rajkot to all chief cities of state. Unmetered taxis, sports car rickshaws, Tongas and few clandestine cars are free for inhabitant transport.

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