Panhala Fort

Panhala or Panhalgarh, about 19kms north-west of Kolhapur, is probably the leading and as a rule imperative citadel of the Deccan. Violently triangular in shape, the mount fortress stands at a height of approaching 850 metres and has a border of approximately 7.25kms. Half of its piece is secluded by a innate scarp shatterproof by a parapet barrage and the outstanding partially is surrounded by a intense stone wall strengthened as well as bastions. The fortification had three magnificent fold up walled gates, out of which two have survived. The youngster Darwaza to the west is an grand and vigorous structure. in attendance are a numeral of ruined monuments in the fort. The a good number impressive in the middle of them are the three giant granaries. The principal together with them, the Ganga Kothi, cover not quite 950 sq m plot and 10.7 metres high. In the north-east pin down in attendance is a multiply by two story building, called Sajja Kothi, anywhere Shivaji had imprisoned his badly behaved son, Sambhaji.

Panhala was the headquarters of the Shilahara queen Bhoja II throughout 1178-1209 Ad. It was successively under arrest by the Yadava and Bahamani Kings. In 1489 AD, the fortification and the territory was in use finished by the Adil Shahi house of Bijapur. Shivaji held the stronghold in 1659 AD. It was from at this point with the aim of Shivaji, at what time bordered by the forces of Siddi Johar, escaped one showery night to Vishalgarh. Later, the fortification remained by means of the Marathas, except for for a sharp stop in between, after it went to the Mughals. The stronghold remained with the Kolhapur assert dig India achieved independence. The famed Marathi rhymester Moropanta (1729-94Ad) was bron and brought up at Panhala. There is and the Samadhi of Ramachandra Amatya, the writer of Ajnapatra, an central do on statecraft, as well as for construction. Today, Panhala is a sort of mount rank and provides all the essential services for tourists.

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