Employees and managements of the Taj Mahal and Oberoi Trident were honored with a special decision for displaying commendable courage in serving the guests who were attentive during the terrorist strikes on the two hotels in Mumbai Nov 26-29 only remaining year. as November, nearby has been a cloud over the tourism sector.During the function home minister has told that, the dastardly act at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower and the Oberoi Trident has gone scars, which motivation subtract scores of being to heal. But together the hotels' employees and management showed remarkable spirit. He was words at the yearly National Tourism Awards purpose in which 52 individuals, institutes and states were honoured in recognition of their performances in their fields of go and tourism. The home minister believed the two hotels in less than 30 living were somewhat in business. I acknowledgment them. They have risen to the occasion. He gave the unusual Atithi Devo Bhava - Pride of India Awards - instituted for the fundamental schedule this year - to Raymond Bickson, the supervision chief of the Taj, and Vikram Oberoi, joint running director of the Oberoi group. Minister has also told taht ever since the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, in which 170 dwell in including 26 foreigners were killed, a number of measures hold been in use by the government. Under the mid business Security Force Amendment Bill, the regime will be adept to provide security to the secret sectors, together with the inn industry, he said. flush the iconic and notable establishments would be gifted to take the CISF security underneath this bill, he said.Tourism Minister Ambika Soni too praised the two hotels' employees and their managements for their job during the terrorist strikes and the crisis these caused. She alleged the employees and the management worked away from their call out of duty which drawn cost them their lives and their families. Soni was referring to the downfall of the partner and two brood of general director of Taj inn Karambir Kang, who were killed in the terrorist attack.

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