Murud-Janjira Fort

Situated on a swing of elliptical shape next to the seaport city of Murud, 165kms south of Mumbai, Janjira is one of the strongest oceanic forts of India (the declaration ‘Janjira’ is a corruption of the Arabic declaration Jazira for island). The forts is approached by sailboats on or after Rajapuri jetty. The core gate of the castle faces Rajapuri on the beach and can be seen no more than what time one is pretty nearby to it. It has a lesser postern gate towards the uncluttered sea for escape. The fortification has 19 rounded bastions, motionless intact. Present are many canons of native and European promote to rusting on the bastions. Now in ruins, the stronghold in its zenith had all needed facilities, e.g., palaces, quarters for officers, mosque, a big bright wet tank, etc. On the outer barrage next the central gate, in attendance is a monument depicting a tiger-like beast clasping elephants in its claws. This sculpture, its value intractable to interpret, appears on lots of fort-gates of Maharashtra. First the fortress was slight stilted building built by a Koli chief in the later than usual 15th century. It was captured by Pir Khan, a broad of Nizamshah of Ahmednagar. in a while the citadel was strengthened by Malik Ambar, the Abyssinian Siddi regent of Ahmednagar kings. From it follows that onward Siddis became independent, still to pay loyalty to Adilshah and the Mughals as dictated by the times. even though their repeated attempts, the Portuguese, the British and the Marathas disastrous to overcome the Siddi power. Shivaji’s all attempts to capture Janjira castle botched due to one rationale or the other. When Sambhaji in addition failed, he built a different island fort, proven as Kansa or Padmadurg, fair 9kms north of Janjira. The Janjira testify came to an end subsequently 1947. The palace of the Nawabs of Janjira at Murud is nonetheless in good shape.

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