Kota Rajasthan

Kota is a exquisite settlement in Rajasthan, filled of gaiety, cheer and steeped in intriguing history. Located on the eastern row of the Chambal River, Kota as soon as belonged to the charitable glory of Bundi below the law of the Chauhans. Kota is perfectly identified for its dated palaces, havelis or mansions and castles. In the 17th century, monarch Jahangir confirmed Kota a isolated formal and it was ruled by Rao Madho Singh the successor perceptible to the throne of Kota. The urban is a present conclusion now and is acknowledged for its inherent and man prepared marvels. Despite the fact that Kota boasts of a tiny airport, the central global airport at Jaipur (240 km) connects it to the have a break of the planet from beginning to end reliable trip services. Kota is a focal railhead and connects the urban by means of further key railway junctions in the country. existence situated on the NH 12 (Jaipur Jabalpur Highway) has provided Kota brilliant path relatives with the lie of India. Dussehra is one of the fill in festivals of Rajasthan and is celebrated by critical display and grandness in Kota. The festival commemorates the 9 day war sandwiched between Rama, the Divine emperor and Ravana, a demon. On the 10th day is called the Vijaya Dashami or the 'Day Of Victory'. Ram Lila enactments of this epic row and supplementary devotional programs are sensible all from first to last this period.
The key attractions of the capital of Kota are:

* Kota castle
* Chambal patch
* Maharao Madho Singh Museum
* The authority Museum
* Jag Mandir- Kishore Sagar
* Haveli Of Devtaji
* Kota dike
* Kansua Temple
* Bhitria Kund
* Adhar Shila Budh Singh Bafna Haveli
* Yatayat square

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