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My series of post of different destination in India especially rajasthan continues with destination bikaner. As you all know bikaker is located in the district of rajasthan.
Just like ever tourist destination in rajasthan, bikaner is famous for its desert, havelis and its unique culture and traditions, and recipes. This destination in rajasthan is popular for its age old havelis or palaces. The bikaner kingdom was formed to the north of jodhpur in the year of 1486 by Bikaji who is one among the fourteen sons of Rao Jodha. So where is bikaner located? Bikaner lies in the northern part of rajasthan, having lots of sand dunes this destination is offen called as camel country. This camel country, bikaner is famous for riding camels and has got asia's largest Camel research and breeding farm in the world, which is absolutely unique in the whole world. The exotic camel rides and enchanting temples and havelis give bikaner a unique position in the world tourism map.

After the era of bikaji who formed bikaner, the new bikaner was formed by Maharaja Ganga Singh (1887 1943), who was an eminent ruler and has introduces reformative measues and transformed from a principality to a premier princely state. Bikaner was the prime trade centre especially for traders from west or central asia. This age old history of bikaner and remnants of the past makes it an interesting experience for a tourist.

Reaching Bikaner

Reach bikaner by Air :
Jodhpur is the nearest airport and is located 235km away from bikaner.
Reach bikaner by Rail :
Even through bikaner is located to the northern part of rajasthan, it is well connected by rail. Bikaner is connected with trains from Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bhatinda, kalka and from eastern part of the country and southen states. These are some of the trains which are traveling to bikaner, Kalka Express (Bikaner-Jodhpur), Bikaner Express (Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Bikaner),
Bikaner Mail (Delhi Sarai Rohila-Bikaner) etc.

Reach bikaner by Road :
Like every other cities in india Bikaner City also has Autos & city Buses for internal transport. Bikaner is connected by road with the major cities of India. The distance by road from major cites to bikaner are Delhi 456km Jaipur 334km, Jaisalmer 333 km

Bikaner is popular for "Bikaneri Bhujia" and related sweets. Bikaneri Bhujia is a snack which is a spicy one and made using moth dal, spices and edible oil. The destination is also famous for its handicrafts and leather articles.

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event tour & travel india said...

Tourism in India is bound to be as it provides incredible doubled consolation to travelers around the world in one form or another. This may be the attraction of spiritualism, the incredible culture, cuisine, history and geography!

There are infinitely excursions and tourism opportunities in this fascinating country of India's incredible.

arunsubru said...

Most of the tourists from aborad are visiting kerala and rajasthan. I would say that there are lot more to see and experience in india. Those who are associated with tourism industry in india should definitely use the tourism potential of other state in india.

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