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Junagarh Fort is one of the beautiful and enchanting fort located in the northen part of india. You can find this fort in the camel country, Bikaner. The construction of this fort was done by Raja Rai Singh, who is one among the trusted generals of Akbar and its history dates back to the 15th century. This exotic fort has got 96 mt long wall, with 37 bastions and 2 entrances. The prime entrance of the fort is known as sun gate. This fort has got many palaces and one famous among them are Moon Palace, Flower palace and Karan Mahal. Beautifully painted courtyards are the other places of attraction in this fort.

As the name suggests this fort is made out of red sandstone, the architecture of this palace encompasses both the Oriental style and European luxury that can make visitors jaw dropped. This palace was designed about 90 years ago during the time of british rule in india by Sir Swinton Jacob for Maharaja Ganga Singh The palace has a billiards room, a library, a cards room and a smoking room. Moreover this this palace ahs got Belgian chandeliers, oil paintings and lamps alogn with atticework and filigree work which provide a visual retreat.

The ganga golden jubilee temple is one among the best in Rajasthan which has got fascinating collection of different kinds of sculptures, terracotta, paintings and also musical instruments being used in and around rajasthan.

You can find a wildlife sanctuary in this desert land of rajasthan. This wild life sanctuary is located in bikaner in the northern region of rajasthan. This wildlife sanctuary is located about 32 kms away and near to bikaner - jaisalmer road. In this wildlife sanctuary one can find black buck, chinkara, Bluebull.

In my previous post regarding bikaner i have told about asia's largest camel farm in bikaner. It is a must see place for those who want to watch a heap of camels and their life. This breeding farm is managed by the government of rajasthan. and is located about 10 kms away from the city.


On travelling about 5 kms from the city of bikaner you can reach temples which are the oldest surviving monuments of the rich heritage. These were built by two brothers and the temples carry their names. The mirror work and the golden leaf paintings in the temple are noteworthy. The temples are dedicated to 23rd Jain teerthankar, Parasvanathji.

It is 8 kms away from Bikaner. This is the royal crematorium with a number of cenotaphs. The chhatri of Maharaja Surat Singh is most imposing. One cannot miss the spectacular Rajput paintings on the ceilings.

One of the major excavation sites of the Harappan civilisation. This place houses emence treasure of our past and is of particular interest to archaeology enthusiasts.

Offer your prayers to Karni Mata – an incarnation of goddess Durga, at this 600 year old temple. The temple offers a haven to rats. Devotees feed the rats, owing to the belief that these rodents will be reincarnated as holy men. The entrance archway of the temple is intricately carved in marble.

A sacred spot, dedicated to Kapil Muni. The temple here is the venue for a fair in the month of Kartik, attracting thousands of pilgrims. Kolayat is an idyllic picnic spot as well.

Built in the 19th century by Maharaja Doongar Singhji, the temple is encircled by a high wall. Beautiful paintings and a Nandi Bull facing the Shiva Lingam are the attractions of the temple.

These are some of the must see destination in bikaner. Do enquire more about these destination to your travel agent or tour operator and plan your tour accordingly to visit all these must see locations near to bikaner.

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