Jaisalmer is a place where on can ramble here and there and see some exciting things. When looking at the history of jaisalmer, the city was once completely surrounded by a wall extended and still one can find remnants of the wall. One can spot this city with the massive fort that rises over the city and is the main piece of attraction in jaisalmer. The fort houses a township with markets, palaces, temples and Havelis exquisite cut sandstone. Now a days these houses are national treasures and art galleries which are inhabited at present. In the world tourist map jaisalmer in Rajastan has a unique position with much about its courageous people, its people and culture, colorful festivals and trades.

Jaisalmer is popular around the world as the golden city of india which is a must visit destination if you are embarking on a tour to rajasthan. For a jaisalmer traveller, the city has to offer spots like forts, palaces Havelis (mansions) and amber-hued houses along with enchanting dunes of sand and camel safaris which you will remember for a lifetime. The rich cultural heritage and other coluful festival being celebrated in the city is another great attraction for the tourists. Visit Jaisalmer and explore fascinating that never fails to enchant visitors with its color and charm. See a part of
most beautiful architectural splendours of Rajasthan, including the famous Jaisalmer Fort, the haveli of Patwon ki, ki of Nathmalji the haveli, the haveli ki Salim Singh and Tazi dominate among other tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. To other tourists not to be missed attraction in Jaisalmer is the beautiful lake Gadsisar. As i have already said a travel to Jaisalmer will be incomplete without an exciting came safari. Most of the tourists who are visiting this used to take a ride on camels which will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Climate in Jaisalamer

With regard to a traveler the climate of the destination plays an important role in planning the holidays. Better find the best time to visit a destination by talking with your travel agent in jaisalmer. One will be able to turn around in the city only if the climate is good. When talking about the climate in jaisalmer the city f jaisalmer has got typical desert type climate – extremely hot summer days with cool nights and bitterly cold winter with freezing cold nights. The summer season between the months of March/April and August/September is not just hot but also prone to frequent dust and sand storms accompanied by high velocity winds. Rainfall is minimal with the region barely receiving 15cm of rain annually. Now you know which is the best time to visit jaisalmer if it is summer then it will be to hot during the day time and if it is winter then it will be too cold during night time.

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