The annual shopping extravaganza, the Dubai shopping festival has begun. The shopping festival has started on 15th of January and continues till February 15th. During these days Dubai will be a true paradise for shoppers. Dubai shopping festival is also an entertainment, and cultural extravaganza that continues to promote tourism in Dubai and draws people from around the world each year.

Travel agents in India has started arranging tours to this biggest shopping and entertainment event in the Middle East. Indians especailly people from kerala used to visit dubai during shopping festival. There are lots of indian who are working in dubai staying in the dubai bring their families to dubai for shopping and participate in this cultural and entertainment extravaganza. Not only those people many celebrities from India used to visit Dubai during this shopping festival.The tour packages arranged by these travel agents will provide you with tickets from to Dubai and from Dubai, accommodation in hotels and sight seeing facilities in Dubai.

Since 1996 Dubai shopping festival has been a grand success with participants and people from all over the world. In the wake of success of Dubai shopping festival, the tourism department of kerala has organized grand kerala shopping festival for last year onwards.

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