Chamba an ancient city located in himachal pradesh is situated at an altitude of 996 meters is on the bank of the River Ravi. Surrounded by more broad range Chamba preserved ancient culture and heritage and Chamba is known for its temples and crafts. At the center of the city there is a spacious playgroung called Chowgan a grassy ground, about 805 meters long and 73 meters wide, where people meet for gatherings and some events are being organised there. The chamba town is connected by regular bus link with Chamba Dalhousie and Pathankot. Chamba is 122 kms from Pathankot. Chamba has preserved the cultural heritage and civilization which dates back to the ages. Customs, culture and habits are unique when compared to other part in the state of himachal pradesh. Locations in chamba like the hills and mountains s, rivers, lakes, springs and streams, forests and green meadows are the best and unique in the whole world. The temples in chamba are specially designed and have resemblances to the temples in the state of rajasthan and among those temples 6 of them are must see ones. The jungles around Dalhousie and Chamba abounds in wildlife. In the higher regions near the snow line are to be found, the leopard, the ibex and marmot snow. Th at the lower altitudes of brown bears, and musk deer, leopards and wild pigs are seen. Pheasants, partridges and wild poultry are found in all parts of the valley. In a recent move to promote tourism industry in the location picturesque historic town of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh and secure a position in the world tourism map plan was developed by the department of language and culture and was submitted to the government for approval. The standards include tracking down the old historic structures, including ancient temples, which are archaeological and architectural value. The language and culture, after undertaking a detailed study on the heritage of the city, the department had sent a proposal to this effect for consideration by the government.

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Amar said...

Chamba is an unexplored, untouched, serene destination located at an altitude of 1676 m, 60 km from Mussoorie, in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand.

An unspoilt territory and covered with lots of pine and deodar trees, Chamba offers a never explored interlude. Unlike Mussoorie, the place is very quiet, serene and offers picturesque beauty and is an excellent place to relax and fun and drive away the city blues. One can reach Chamba in about two hours from Rishikesh.
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