India Friday provided a bulletin of information against the voyage to Pakistan following the brought back arrest several Indians in the country and being in charge of terrorism. There was report/ratio in Pakistani media that several Indian nationals were arrested during the last two days in the locations of Lahore and Multan, and is shown to be, of terrorists external businesses that the spokesperson of ministry said. Indian Nationals are thus advised that it would be not very sure so that they travel or for are in Pakistan. The tensions between the two countries intensified since 26- November 29 the carnage of Mumbai which claimed the most 170 lives and which it India blamed on the terrorists of Pakistani origin.

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Karachi Hotel Booking said...

As far as the people of both the countries are concerned they don't have much hatred for each other. I traveled to India and I have allot of friends from there, there are some internal and external forces on both sides that don't want these countries to work together for prosperity.

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